Looking to trade my plaguebearer

I have a M10 Plague bearer that is shock with 500% crit anoint I’m looking to get rid of just wanna see what people have to offer for it, thank you for your time

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Feel free to choose

Any chance I could bother you for 2? I can’t decide between the reflux 14x 50/150 or the sent/Cryo Rad redistributor?

Sure I send you both

Thank you very much, Sending now

Sent. Thank you I’ve been trying to farm those weapons for a long time now

Rad redistributor also coming soon

Thx for the Plaquebearer, cool one

Sounds good, that was my first one I’ve got to drop

I’m loving plaquebearers and that one is the only with the 500 anoit

I’m gonna keep farming for different ones