Looking to trade OP8 weapons

Hi I’m looking for a bunch OP8 of guns to complete my collection. I have those to trade:
-Boss Bekah, Jakobs grip, Jakobs stock, valdof sight
-Slippery Ogre, Jakobs grip, Dahl stock, vladof sight
-Practicable Conferance Call, Hyperion grip, Hyperion stock(Normal, Electric and Slag)
-Practicable Butcher, Hyperion grip, Torgue stock(Normal, Electric and Slag)
-Vengefull Stinger, all vladof(Normal and Slag)
-Heart of the Ancient (AR damage 39%, FFYL time 39%, Second wind health 180%)
-Bone of the Ancient(shock damage 34%, cooldown rate 42%)
-Jakobs allegiance relic(Accuracy recovery 115%, Magazine size 85%)
-Explosive Fastball

I’m looking for:

-Dastardly Maggie- Jakobs grip, Jakobs barrel, Maliwan/Dahl sight

Assault Rifles:
-Naasty Sawbar- Dahl stock, Bandit grip, Jakobs barrel, Vladof sight

-Practicable Interfacer- Torgue/Hyperion stock, Hyperion grip (Corrosive and Fire)

-Pacifying Sloth- Dahl stock, Jakobs/Dahl grip, Dahl sight (Corrosive and Fire)
-Gromky Lyuda- Dahl/Hyperion stock, Vladof grip, Dahl sight (Corrosive and Fire)
-Barking Pimpernel- Hyperion/Dahl stock, Jakobs Grip, Dahl sight(Corrosive and Fire)

-Consumate Hellfire- All Maliwan parts, Dahl/Maliwan/Hyperion sight
-Tattler- Hyperion stock, Bandit grip, Bandit barrel, Dahl/Maliwan/Hyperion sight(Corrosive and Fire)
-Rightsizing Bitch- Dahl Stock, Bandit grip, Hyperion barrel, Dahl/Maliwan/Hyperion sight(Corrosive and Fire)

I would also be glad to help you level or go through OP1-8 digistruct peak with your alt if none of my things interest you.

Psn: BoivinQc