Looking to trade or level

I’ve got stuff around level 50 that I’m trying to trade for other things. Harolds (no dp), Emperor, Bees, Leech (shock), Rolling Thunder, Veruc, Striker, Deliverance. Some lower level legendaries as well. Looking for a Sham shield, or a Norfleet or maybe a Conference Call around level 50. Or maybe trade for some power leveling :smiley:

edit: just grabbed a level 50 infinity with fire element, so add that to the list.

Just curious why no DP Harold?

I think the OP means he has an Unkempt Harold (Explosive) for trade, but it isn’t a DPUH (Explosive). He most likely just never got the ‘Double Penetrating’ prefix as a drop, or never found one in one of the Torgue vending machines (assuming he has the Torgue DLC).

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How about This?

my name jordanphoenix22 xbox one add me looking for something to play with

Uhmm… You realize this is the PS3 online trading post… right?