Looking to trade! Please see list of what I have

Hello fellow Vault Hunters! Here is the list of weapons I have acquired; I’ll list them by anointment.

Consecutive Hits

Kinetic Boom Sickle
Shock Boom Sickle
Corrosive Boom Sicle
Rad Boom Sickle
Cor. Linogge
Kyb x2 fire/cryo
Firesale Musket (waiting to be buffed)
Rad. Hyperfocus
Rad and Fire Soulrender
Rad. Rowans Call
Gatlin Lead Sprinkler
Cor. Anarchy x9
Recursion x2 shock/cor
Kinetic Conference Call

100% Weapon Damage ASE

Little Yeeti x2
Roisen Thorns
Wagon Wheel
Redistributor (shock and fire)
Kinetic Hyperfocus
Lucians Call (fire and cryo)
Kaos fire
Kinetic Shredifier
Rad. Helix
Shock Rowans Call
Kinetic Anarchy x20
Stagecoach x18
Kill o the Wisp x2
Shock Tiggs Boom
Insider x10 fire/cor
Tidal Wave
Kinetic Lyuda
Kyb x2 rad/cryo

SNTL 100% Cryo Damage

Roisen Thorns
Kinetic Infinity
The Duc
Tidal Wave
Rad. Lob
Kinetic Lyuda

125% Fire Next Two Mags Gunner

Kinetic Anarchy x12
Kinetic Moonfire
Unforgiven 384% crit
Kyb x3 fire/rad
Kinetic B*tch
Firesale Musket (again waiting for buff)
Shock Faisor
DB Blister fire (alien purple weapon)
Shock Conference Call

Splash Anointment

Will o the Wisp x 2
Shock Lob
The Horizon kinetic

Gamma Anointment (Sorry don’t have too much on gamma)

Insider x 10 shock/cor

Phaseslam 300% Weapon Damage

The Flood
Insider x5 shock/cryo
Krakatoa (phasecast 250% wpn dmg)


Gatlin Mutant (Siren 75% rad ASE)
Facepuncher x7 (phaseslam 200% melee damage)
Wedding Invitation lv53 100% Weapon Damage (I still use this on my Flak and it absolutely crushes still)

That’s everything for now, hopefully we can trade!
I’m looking for :

Nothingness 125% fire next2mags and/or 100% ASE Weapon Dmg) if possible x2
Skullmasher 100% ASE Weapon Damage
Void Rift (anointment if possible; I know that boss is terrible to farm)
Hydrafrost (any anointment)
Insider 125% fire next2mags if possible x12 or highest possible
Unseen Threat 100% ASE Weapon Damage
Old God Fire (if possible with anointment)
Cocky B*stard 100% ASE Weapon Damage
Anarchy x20 125% fire next2mags

Those are the specific weapons I’m looking for but I want to help everyone!
My PSN is LGRG90 Message me what you are looking for and what you will trade for it (just makes things easier for me)

I will add on to this list when I get some more LOOT!!! Thanks again!!

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What’s the fire rate on your hawkin ASE 100% ?

I’m looking for one with that annointment and 12, 13, or 14 fire rate.

Idk if I have any of the specifics your looking for, I do have a skullmasher, but can’t check the annoint ATM as I am at work.

Add me Darth_toothius I’ll be on in 10 mins

I have a fire old god with the recharge on barrier deploy annointment, looking to take the sntnl duc.

ill check tonight im at work aswell

what are you looking for?

cool add me and send me a msg psn LGRG90

@grg.lucio, I’m looking for a night hawkin 100 ASE with 12, 13, or 14 Fire Rate.

The kill the wisp x2 with the 100% damage, the redistributer fire gun, and the stagecoach all with the 100% damage.

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Con Hits

Recursion X2 (shock/corr)

100% ASE

Wagon Wheel

Redistributor (shock/fire)


What time will you be on

in about 6 hours

its 12

im on what can you trade

Looking for the 100% weapons. Kill o wisp. Redistributer

I am looking for a soulrender with any element but cryo and the 250% ASE. has to be full auto. I have the hydrafrost with shock and 100%ase and a bunch of other stuff. will you let me know if you find one?

@kylehaglock i have three solurenders all consecutive hits fire; rad and kinetic sorry but i dont collect 250 because i have no more space :frowning: i can trade for the hydrafrost if youre interested