Looking to trade some 72's

I have:
Nasty ogre
Attack veruc
Double penetrating unkempt herald
Vengeful infinity(shock/corrode)
Burning infinity(fire)
Gunstock Maggie
Marxmans gub
Sledge’s shotgun
Practicable conference call(shock/corrode)
Barking volcano
Earnest Logan’s gun
Bad touch flakker
Rightsizing b***h(shock)
Analytical b***h(slag)
Venture longbow
Sticky longbow fire leech
Lobbed bonus package
The bee
The sham

They’re all lvl 72’s. I’m only op1 so I have nothing op8.

I’m just looking for lvl 72 or above norfleet(burn) and conference call(burn)

Message me here if anything interests you.

I have a reactive fire conference call lv 72

Send me a message PSN Nihildeus

Im on/off for sunday night but should be available on Monday