Looking To Trade Today (Monday), I have 500+ Legendaries/Seraph/Luneshine

Hi all. I am looking to trade today under gamertag Ample Bosom. I prefer 61+ Legendaries/Seraph/Luneshine and the following specific items -

Mechromancer Mods (50+)
Mechromancer Heads (Goliath, Hippity Hoppity & A Bullet In Her Bonnet)
Siren Heads (Goliath, Bluffer’s Bane & Closing Time)
Krieg Heads (Double Suplex Time, Videogameface, Zen And The Art Of Meat, Goliath & Reach For The Skies)
Axton Heads (Goliath, Guy With The Gun & Call Down The Thunder)
Zero Heads (Goliath, Are You Still There, The Dark Within & I Do Declare)
Salvador (Goliath, Nothing Ventured…, The Beast Within, & The Beard With No Name)

Hit me up if interested!

Yo id give my left nut for hippity hoppity