Looking to trade wedding invitation for different anointment

Hey all, looking to trade one of these for an Amara/Fl4k or Zane anointment

Just got this, let me know if you’re interested. Would trade for your the 125% incendiary dmg one.

PSN Rchris92

Hey, yeah I would like to trade I will send a friend request :+1:

Got a SNTL +100% cryo Wedding Invitation. Would love your Iron Bear Incendiary damage in return ! :slight_smile:

Whats up yeah I will trade, which one do you want the 75% damage or the 125% damage ? Add me its timmo2times my avatar is a carrot with akimbo pistols

The 125% one, very interested. And sure i’m adding you. Psn is EzioILMentore

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Let me know if any of you guys have one with ASE 100 dmg you’d be interested in trading for either phaseslam or phasecast anoints.

Hey, I have that anointment would definitely trade for a siren anointment if you still have it

Have a host of anoints. No need to trade.

Hey whats up, thats a generous offer and muchly appreciated, I would love the rakk anointment if you wouldn’t mind, I dont have that much stuff yet im in the process of re-farming everything, who is your main ? And i’ll see if I have anything worth while to give you

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What’s your psn GT?


request sent from my mule

I’ll send you the barrier one too for your zane

Thank you very much, what were you looking for a recurring hex ? If I come across one ill hook you up :+1:

Items sent. Yeah, looking for a fairly specific hex… must be shock with ASE rad damage and be at least mirv, ideally dividing and mirv. Absolutely no stress though, there are years left to play this game.

I’m farming graveward for a few hours today so if I get lucky i’ll send one your way, thanks again you put a smile on my face with your kindness :+1:

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No worries, enjoy :slight_smile:

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