Looking to trade. (what i have and what im looking for)

Hi, im looking to make some trades.Just a list of what I have, followed by what im looking for.
Thanks for lookin!

What I Have


lvl 58 Storm
lvl 65 Bearcat- scout


lvl 50 interfacers
lvl 50 tattlers
lvl 50 omens
lvl 50 florentine
lvl 61 interfacer- slag
lvl 61 antagonist
lvl 65-66 hoplites 5 or 6
different ones with varying stats
lvl 65-66 Big Boom Blaster 4 or 5 different ones with varying stats
lvl 65-66 o-negative-slag,shock,explosive
lvl 65-70 meteor shower
lvl 65-70 infections (mostly binary)
lvl 65-70 seraphims
lvl 65-70 lead storms (all element&non elemental)
lvl 65-70 seekers
lvl 65-70 blood of the seraphs
lvl 65-70 sponge
lvl 65-70 pun-chee
lvl 65-70 crossfire
lvl 65-70 actualizers

Legendaries & noteworthy uniques

lvl 39 legendary mechromancer
lvl 44 legendary psycho mod
lvl 50 slayer of terra-assassin
lvl 59 legendary mechromancer 38% CD
lvl 60 legendary hunter
lvl 62 legendary hoarder
lvl 65 legendary psycho mod
lvl 68 legendary catalyst
lvl 69 legendary roboteer
lvl 69 legendary killer
lvl 69 legendary mechromancer 40% cooldown
lvl 71 legendary hunter
lvl 50 blood of terramorphous
lvl 55-68 Wide Variety of ancient relics.

lvl 19 transformer
lvl 30 the bee
lvl 50 Bee and Alkaline the bee
lvl 50 hide of terramorphous shock,incendiary i believe.
lvl 58 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
lvl 61 the bee
lvl 61 the impaler
lvl 61 neogenator
lvl 60 cracked sash
lvl 60&61 transformer
lvl 67 The Bee

lvl 19 balanced slagga
lvl 24 deliverance
lvl 30 bone shredder
lvl 43 pitchfork-operational (slag)
lvl 46 new and improved deliverance
lvl 48 DP Unkempt Harold
lvl 48 Snyper Badaboom
lvl 49 skewering shredifier
lvl 50 norfleet-shock,incendiary
lvl 50 conference call-slag, incendiary
lvl 50 blockhead
lvl 50 twister- rustlers
lvl 50 fire leech
lvl 50 homing quasar
lvl 50 bonus package
lvl 50 grog nozzle
lvl 50 rubi- incendiary
lvl 50 skullmasher
lvl 50 slagga
lvl 50 babymaker
lvl 50 bitch
lvl 50 bone shredder
lvl 50 purging infinity
lvl 50 leech- shock
lvl 50 Hail- Slag
lvl 51 white death
lvl 51 pyrophobia
lvl 53 nukem
lvl 54 DP Unkempt Harold
lvl 55 longbow
lvl 55 homing bonus package
lvl 56 original deliverance
lvl 57 nifed Madhous!
lvl 57 DP unkempt Harold
lvl 58 nasty surprise- shock
lvl 58 quasar
lvl 58 rubi- slag
lvl 59 fastball-explosive
lvl 59 ultraprecise Bunny
lvl 60 cracked sash
lvl 61 Thunderball Fists
lvl 61 conference call (shock)
lvl 61 royal deliverance
lvl 61 rocket speed Bunny
lvl 61 bonus package
lvl 61 murduring slagga
lvl 61 fremingtons edge
lvl 61 DPUH
lvl 63 casual flakker
lvl 64 invader
lvl 63-65 Unkempt Harold- Double Penetrating,Stiff,Explicit
lvl 65 texas striker
lvl 65 bearcat- scout
lvl 66 Fire Bee G-Mod
lvl 66 bonus package
lvl 66 Bunny- Swappers and Bonus
lvl 67 Logan’s Gun- Maximized (Incendiary)
lvl 67 Deliverance- Royal (slag)
lvl 68 DPUH
lvl 68 DP Pocket Rocket
lvl 68 Gub- Misles
lvl 69 Fastball- Corrosive
lvl 69 Mongol- Victorious (slag)
lvl 69 DPUH
lvl 69 Slagga- Bullits Go Faster
lvl 70 White Death- Skorry (incendiary)
lvl 70 Storm Front

What im looking for

lvl 66-72 is the range im looking for.shock on a few would be cool! But any element will work!

pimpernel shock
little evie
teeth of terra

I am playing as gaige. Based on that and my wants, if you have something i havent listed that you think id get use out of and its in my level range.just let me know.

GT: c n0bes

Usually on after 6:00pm Central Standard

I have op8 versions of nearly everything you’re looking for, if you’ll be going through the op levels

Yes I definitely do intend to. I will take you up on that once im closer if the offer still stands!

Hi, was curious if anyone had a lvl 67-72 Rubi (Slag or Fire) that they would be willing to trade for anything on my list?

My buddy accepted the quest while I was host. So im stuck with a lvl 58 rubi for now. It would be much appreciated if someone could help me out! tyia!

uhey i got a level 70 lengendary anarcist if u want it but two things i want are if possible a lvl 61-65 Dpuh perfect one if u have and a lvl 61 sham 94% if possible nd my gt is the same as forum name except no - its a (space) instead i add u if u get on

I do have DPUHs in that range. none “perfect”. I believe the lvl 64 one does have a torgue grip. I have a lvl 61,64 and 65. one has a torgue grip one a bandit and another is either vladof or dahl. its been awhile since i used them so i cant say specifically which one has which. if you still want them we can trade.

But i do not have a lvl 61 sham. only 72. (thx to BTK’s shop. Bio Hard is the man!)

Well if u get on Im down to trade but any chance I could get a lvl 72 norfleet electric and the lvl 72 sham two if possible ndi sent u a friend request BTW I’m appearing offline

I get off work soon. Ill send invite when i get on

Im tring to get on now