Looking to trade .. what I have listed below

Have > cutsman , Maggie, flood, brainstormed, crossroads, Jericho, devestator, nemesis, shredifier, hornet, transformer, stop gap, rowans call, infinity, butcher, and more I’m just tired of listing stuff. Gt is jackburtonKI309

Are they anointed?

And is there anything in particular that you are looking for?

Are any of those SNTL 100% Cryo?

Yes all of them

What annointments are on the butcher and shredifier?

Butcher is radiation and it’s the ase for handling and reload. The shredifier is something like that as well

Alright, is there anything in particular you’re looking for?

Just messaged you, some i need, have tons to offer

What’s your gt? Let’s just ju,p in a game together and see if there’s a trade to b made

is the transfromer annionted

Yes. I have one annlinted for Amara and I don’t play with her

What are the stats on your Stop Gap? Does it have bullet absorb? And if so, what anointment is on it?

I’ve been yes. And it has bonus shock damage

Gt is xCaliburxxx

Do you have Announced Cutsman, all variants?

No. I have a life steal on a corrosive cutsman, a shock one, can’t remember the annoints. And a rakk damage corrosive .

Have the cutsmans, in all ele in the anointment ASe 125% and SNTL Cyro

Oh I thought u needed a cutsman. I’m about to be on . Want to join ,my party?