looking to trade



op 8 weapons:
Gunstock Unforgiven
Poetential Butcher ( shock )
Parataxis Pyrophobia ( fire )
derp Nukem
Sledge’s shotgun ( fire )
Sledge’s shotgun ( slag )
Rapid Infinity
Miss Moxxi’s Creamer
Paraquat Hive ( corrosive )
dippity Tunguska
Stopping Emporer
Extra Large Deliverance
Peppy Gunerang
Dubble Gub ( corrosive )
Critical Conference Call ( shock )
Bladed Tattler ( slag )
Royal Retcher ( corrosive )
Unending Stalker
Bolshy Lyudmila
Monstrous Volcano
Bad Touch Flakker
Miss Moxxi’s Bad Touch
Fine Judge
gaa dunk ga Ahab
Hyiu Skullmasher
Sledge’s Shotgun
Bowie Maggie
Loaded Hornet ( corrosive )
Rabid Shredifier
Barbed Striker
Dubble Tindebox ( fire )
Original Omen ( slag )
Original Omen ( corrosive )
Patriot’s Stinger ( fire )
dva Stinger ( shock )
Unending Stinger ( slag )
Extra Larger Omen ( fire )
Zapper Orc ( shock )
Sledge’s Shotgun ( corrosive )
Swift Shredifier
Fire Fire teeth of terramorphous
Swift Shredifier ( slag )
Punitory Norfleet ( shock )
Prudential Norfleet ( corrosive )
Caustic Infinity
Burning Infinity

op 8 shields:
The Transformer
The Bee
Whisky Tango Foxtrot
Deadly Bloom

op 8 class mods:
Legendary Titan Class Mod
Slayer of Terramorphous Class Mod ( physco ) ( siren ) ( commando ) ( mechromancer ) ( gunzerker )
Legendary Gunzerker Class Mod
Legendary Hoarder Class Mod
Chaotic Good Monk Class Mod
Neutral Evil Monk Class Mod
Chaotic Neutral Monk Class Mod
Legendary Hunter Class Mod

op 8 Gernade Mods:
Lobbed Electric Leech
Rolling Thunder
Fire Storm
Chain Lightning
Explosive Nasty Surprise
Shock Fastball
Magic Missle x4

GT PS4 :durba80

I have this gear for you. I’m on most nights 10:30 est. PSN: Sun_TsuNami

cool I’ll hit you up one of these nights can you please just tell me what you need so I can get it off my mules thanks

Need nut’n…what is ORG on your wish list?

lol i meant to say ogre
( i got more stuff I was just lazy to type, if there’s anything you need let me know i might have it )
otherwise i’ll hit you up next time i’m on nighttime

:+1: Send me a FR and I’ll look for you next time I’m on.