Lookking for infinity pistol at least op 5

Mainly looking for one with no flaver but would prefer a corrossive one

Do you have any op 8 sandhawks ?

unfortunately i do not

I’ve got a few high OP infinities send me a message my gt is Dave90T. I’m ideally after elemental interfacers or corrosive norfleets but I’m sure we could come to a trade agreement

Got an op5 rapid infinity drop on digi peak run u can have it f u want

just got 2 of those last night still hunting for the corrosive though

I believe I might have one. I have all elements. I’ll check to see if it’s an OP 5. Most are OP 8. But I think I still have one.

I have a Solar OP 6 Infinity. The rest are OP 8.

just got a full set of op 8 im good