Looks like I got a couple weeks at home now

Anybody have some fun Ideas to stay busy with the Boarderlands games, I have played them all, maxed out characters…etc. I am sure there are many people with a little more free time at the moment than a few weeks ago for obvious reasons, so Im asking for cleaver suggestions to keep things interesting I may have not done with the games yet? Just bored and worried at home trying to stay busy. Thanks in advance and best of luck to all.

Typical things would be 1 Life, allegiance, and found gear only runs. Depending on how ambitious/confident you are, there are some folks who’ve done no gear and/or no skills runs as well. (Check out the no-gear Zer0 BL2 run by Bew on YT some time.)

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  • Launch game
  • Shoot many things
  • There is no step 3

But seriously, like VH101 said, lots of ways to challenge yourself.
I just 1Life’d the story, that was a fun change since I gave up my typical headlong rush style to play a little more cautiously.

Find a weapon you kinda sorta think might be good, but you’ve never used it that much, and take it through Slaughter or wherever. Lots of nuances to many red text weapons that you don’t look for normally that can be fun to play with.

Go into Mayhem and do all the missions that you might have skipped. Get rid of all the yellow exclamation marks on all maps!

And so on. But mainly, kill things.

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There’s of course different challenge runs as VaultHunter101 pointed out, for Borderlands 2 there’s also a few mods to mess around with that do things like overhaul the game entirely, randomize all enemy spawns and item parts etc…