Looks like we'll get a another patch for Borderlands 2

Which will be nice. Hopefully it will solidify remaining hotfixes. And if we’re lucky, maybe they’ll even patch some bugs and skill scaling. I can always hope. See below for how I gleaned this information.

Continuing the discussion from Details on Handsome Collection Cross Save Functionality:

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I thought just the same. I think every day and do pacths desire to fix things. there are many things to fix, such as balancing skills of the characters (fix also the ability to zero bore or salvador), fix or balance gear (such as pangolin shields) and also balance the action skill of some characters. I read it yesterday, and I pray every day to put patches for the gameplay of this game is even greater

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This makes me laugh. Not sure why. Just picturing a ton of gamers praying about this.

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Based on what you have said about the games, if I have my characters already on a cloud save, do I still need the 360 versions of the games?

Or will I be able to import then straight from the cloud?

From what they’ve said, it looks like you will need the 360 version of the game still.

I no longer have my PS3 copies of BL2 or TPS… oh well, guess I’ll cancel my pre-order, and mostly likely will never get it.

Even starting from scratch is worth it. I’ve done it with both BL1 and BL2.

You know, I don’t mind having to re-level all six characters, and farm every thing again. I’m just already getting nightmares again trying to reach OP8 with all characters again. Especially now that the Digistruct map glitch is fixed. GBX should really consider implanting an easier for solo play digistruct course. Especially the Surveyors are a complete f-ing nightmare, they repair every thing in a heartbeat, and they are a bitch to even hit, and they are quite meaty as well, also NO check points in the entire level, so you die halfway? F you, do it again.


The Patch is out.
Anybody knows what is in it except the upload-to-cloud functionnality ?


Nothing on the update page yet, oddly. But I’d check here periodically if you want to know.

The TPS patch notes are out now for the March 24 update though:

Quite a dilemma, yeah. It’s like trying to do the BL1 underdome alone. Pretty rough in solo. At least the digistruct peak can get you decent loot though along the way. And if you’re just playing it before level 72, experience too.

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I looked at the Borderlands 2 page, but not at the TPS one.

Thanks ! I fear there will be nothing more for the good ol’ BL2…

A little tear my firends, the patch note is out !
Here it is :

  • Cloud save functionnality

Yep. That’s all… :’-(


Boo! Is it a hotfix or an actual patch?

It is a patch

There’s no update for the PC, so I’m betting this is all we’ll be getting. :frowning:

My dream, like many, is that they would eventually fix the scaling issues that invalidate most of the Siren’s Cataclysm tree past very early gameplay. Not that I still won’t be rocking a Siren as my main character for Handsome Collection; Siren for life. Or perhaps assuming/hoping the collection sells well, it’ll give them incentive to go back and tackle those few lingering issues in BL2 with the now-bigger playerbase. Obviously they will continue patching TPS as it’s not finished yet.

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