Looks really good!

Can’t wait to play it again with better graphics and Duke!

All aboard the hype train!

Can’t wait to play it without GFWL. :wink:
The original game still looks gorgeous, so improved graphics are welcome, but not really needed.

As for Duke, I will give the game a shot with the King… but it all depends on how his dialog is written.
If it’s just Jon recording Grayson’s original lines as Duke, it won’t work. I’m hoping they didn’t just copy Grayson’s dialog and instead, wrote original dialog just for Duke.

[quote=“Damien_Azreal, post:3, topic:1551629”]Can’t wait to play it without GFWL.
[/quote]I got it on Steam and don’t see GFWL come up? It was some time ago, and there’s a good chance I removed it somehow though (I don’t remember).

[quote=“Damien_Azreal, post:3, topic:1551629”]The original game still looks gorgeous, so improved graphics are welcome, but not really needed.[/quote]This… the game is, to me, still very good looking, so the additions will need to be more than higher supported resolutions to be worth a full retail sale. I’ll need to see some video first.

I really like the way it looks, but I’m not about to spend $42 to buy it, waiting for a year or two untill it drops price.

Where does it say it’s $42?

You probably did. There’s a dll file that bypasses GFWL for the single player. That’s probably what you used.

It’s $42.49 on steam right now

Clarification: It’s going to be 50$ when it comes out but you can buy it now and possibly pre-load it for 15% off.

Just jumped bank into the original really quick.
While it still looks great, just from the little bit I played… I can already see a big difference between it and the Remaster.

Easily spotted on the weapon models. Added details on the weapons, higher texture work on Grayson’s gloves.
But, on top of that, the remaster looks crisper in comparison texture wise.

Great news. Did you get to play as Duke?

YEEHAA! Epic game!

I’m glad that the good guys finally snatched BulletStorm from the clutches of greedy harmful EA!
Always thought that this game should be closer to 2K, and it came straight to Gearbox.

I dare to expect that the good story will be continued.

Haha even Blonde guy joins the vacation party!

By the way, I always considered Bulletstorm as canon for Borderlands setting. And the visual style of this game always reminds me about early version of Borderlands.

I think it is AWESOME.

in the CIS region the price of pleasure is 13$ on Steam.

Gearbox do not own BulletStorm.

Back in 2015, People Can Fly became an Independent Studio again, separating themselves from Epic.
When they did this, they took full ownership of the BulletStorm IP.

Gearbox are acting as publisher here, but People Can Fly are the owners and developers of BulletStorm. This is PCF’s project.

I meant EPIC literally (and of course paying tribute to Epic MegaGames).

As far as I know Bulletstorm was developed by People Can Fly together with Epic Games, and as the publisher was Evil Electronic Arts, and this publisher is a total [bad word], who causes a lot of harm to the art industry.
Remember what they did to Pandemic Studios, Oddworld Inhabitants, Visceral Games, Maxis… I can list long, but I can’t name a single project that EA haven’t damaged, ransacked or ravaged… except stupid sport simulators.

I’m really glad that PCF with their Bulletstorm got so stylistically native publisher like GBX, whose main project Borderlands(especially its early pre-release version) is so close in spirit to both games’ progenitor - Unreal.
I’m seeing this like pedigree animals brought together to improve the breed.
Apartense, vacas, que la vida es corta! :grin:

Partially correct.
People Can Fly were the developers, with Epic acting as Producer and EA publishing. BulletStorm was PCF’s baby for a long time, and Epic offered them an engine, technical support, QA and partial funding.

But, the game itself was developed by PCF. Though, it seems everyone wanted to give credit to Epic. When, all they did was kill the game’s chances with an awful marketing campaign that was crap like Cliffy cussing into a camera acting like a 13 year old who thinks saying f*** makes him tough.