Loooots for trade

List of what i want is significantly smaller so ill start there.
Siren Anointed Crossroads, Facepuncher, Brawler Ward(+200% melee after Slam)
Anointed Cutsman
Anointed Grave
Man Eater Bounty Hunter
Anointed Laser Sploder
Anointed Conference Call
Burning Flakker(for Moze)
Kings Call(+125% ASE)
Anointed Butcher
Anointed Companion

Weapons: Auditing Bith
Cash Infused Bit
Developing Bit*h
Defrauding Crossroad
Auditing Hyperfocus
Venomous Barrage
Venomous Reflexive Kaos
Venomous Sleeping Giant. (x2)
Speedloadn Hellwalker(Anointed- ASE status effect+75% chance)
Undermining Conference Call
Resolute Lyuda
Burning Echo(Anointed Siren +200% melee dmg)
Quickdraw Monocle
Cash Infused Brainstormer
Hyperfocus(Anointed Siren +20% radiation ASE)
Hyperfocus(Anointed weapon status effect dmg/chance +75% ASE)
Shredded Kielbasa(Anointed Siren +250% dmg Phasecast)
Redundant Phebert
Rowans Call(Fire) (x2)
Reciprocating Tri Bolt. (x2)
One Pump Chump (x2)
Queens call(cryo)(Corrosive)
Kings Call(shock)
Trick TKs Shockwave
Hostile Conference Call
Stark Devoted (Rad/Corr)
Negating Infiniti(cryo)
Engulfing Shredifier. (x2)
Shrinking Scourge(cryo)
Rubys Wrath (x2)

Class Mods:
Primeval Meditative Phasezerker
Primordial Spectral Phasezerker
Fortified Desparate Bloodletter
Woven Seared Elementalist
Conflagration Elementalist
Woven Tinderbox Elementalist
Imbued Tinderbox Elementalist
Torturous Vestigal Dragon
Raining Tangled Nimbus
Agoraphobic Flurrying Breaker
Flurrying Solitary Breaker

Generator Tran-fusion Frag
Radiation Hex

Return Fire Red Card(Anointed Siren 30% dmg returned to attacker on ASE)
Accumulator ReCharger
Raid Ward
Armory Front Loader
Stutter Step Recharger

Grave(Health/AS cooldown)
Shock Stone Moxxis Endowment
Hot Drop Pullout Method

I picked up an anointed incendiary cutsman earlier today cant remember what the bonus is but when Iā€™m on again tomorrow I can give it a look and let you know what it is then send it over to you if you want it

Is the radiation hex recurring?

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Specific anointments your looking for with the butcher? Picked up a fire one today and would love the rad hex.

I need a phasezerker mod bad

Hex is recurring yes
Butcher i would like an ASE bonus
As for the phasezerker mod shoot me a pm

I have these I could dupe for the Hex and the return fire red card