Loop of 4N631 Viability

Didn’t want to keep this specifically to Zane, but interested if anyone’s tried this shield at all? It’s from a side-mission late in the campaign.

Don’t have the time to try and lab it right now, but figured it might be interesting for Moze or Zane (especially if you’re looking at a less Cryo-centred cooldown build for Zane). Will update this thread when I’ve found the time - hopefully this evening.

i’m interested too. particularly on how much the cooldown rate is increased, and if the benefit scales with the shield’s level; if not, a low-level version would be ideal. kinda sucks that I already have the ‘shield recharge on kill’ guardian skill though :confused:

i picked this up last night on a lower level character and it didnt show any shield bar - is that normal on this item?

The “not showing a shield bar” is a bug and can be fixed by going into the settings or the menu.

About the shield in itself: We have a Guardian Rank perk that increases the cooldown rate when the shield is full. This is the exact opposite, albeit it less powerful. I can’t say how strong the cooldown reduction is, but it roughly halves all my action skill cooldowns, no matter the level. Or so it seems. So yeah, if you can tank a few hits, then this shield isn’t half bad. I used it on brawl Amara and it fits her playstyle.


It served me quite well on my melee Amara the first time I got it. The capacity is probably among the highest you can get at that level (NVHM, don’t know about TVHM).

It helps for getting into melee range and tank some hits while using Phaseslam as an opener then follow it up with a second Phaseslam shortly after it’s down.

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I did the same, but quickened the cooldown of Downfall instead, which lead to me basically shifting from one side of the battlefield to the other every 25 or so seconds.