Loot a bloody harvest legendary

I’ve looted 2 bloody harvest legendaries (Shield and gun) now and it still says I haven’t completed the challenge. I’ve spent 2 hours just trying to get a legendary to drop. Is anyone else having trouble getting this challenge completed or does it have to be a specific bloody harvest legendary?

I looted the terror shield and it didn’t give me the challenge completion until I looted a fearmonger. I think it has to be 1/4 of the newly introduced legendaries tied to the event.

You must equip that gun to clear the challenge.


I have 2 bloody harvest legendary shields in my inventory, equipped em both and still hasent given me the completed challeged mark. Does it have to be a bloody harvest gun or ANY bloody harvest legendary? The challenge doesn’t specify

My case, it was Fearmonger to complete the challenge.

I had a similar issue. What I did was drop the item, then hold to equip while it was on the ground. That counted it for me. Hope this helps.

Nope still nothing. I dropped both shields and held down the equip button and still nothing. Could this be some kind of bug? Cause looting a legendary or even getting one to drop isn’t that easy or often

I just posted a topic about this and got a quick answer
Equip the Bloody Harvest legendary you picked up and itll proc the challenge

@ArmoredElder I did that already with both and still didn’t get the challenge completed.

UPDATE: I now had 3 bloody harvest legendaries drop and still no completion notification. I’m starting to think you have to get specific bloody harvest legendaries instead of just the occasional bloody harvest legendaries

Are they legendaries with terror annointments or actual Bloody Harvest Legendaries you’re equipping?

The Bloody Harvest Legendaries are things like Fearmonger and the Overflowing Scream of Terror. I got it first time when I equipped the Scream of Terror.

Annointed with terror. Does it have to be a specific legendary drop to get the challenge completed?

It has to be the Fearmonger shotgun, the Stalker sniper rifle, the Ghast Call grenade or the Scream of Terror (?) Shield

Thank you so much , this was driving me nuts.

I had picked up both the Ghast Call grenade and Clone Ghast Call grenade and was not getting the Challenge marker for it until i Equipped it