Loot and difficulty

I didn’t get a chance to play advanced difficulty over the beta. Can someone describe the loot differences? Are there better quality drops? More quantity? Does the more ppl in game effect drops in any way?

There is a chance to find loot packs inside of loot-able crates. Having more players around to spot the crates scattered throughout the level will help as everyone on the team will get a pack for it. There are also random challenges that ill pop up in certain areas. The challenge is shown in the corner and, if completed in time, will reward the team.

all of the options.

higher loot (2 common, 1 rare, vs 2 rare 1 epic) quantity, about the same, but better, more people, yes, more experience, and more enemies, and more shards, and more buulets flying. and yes, it’s damn difficult the less players on higher difficulties.

I was able to get a legendary item while playing the Algorithim on advanced, it was a drop from Geoff/Arachnis. Not sure if it was possible to obtain on normal mode too, I doubt it though as I did alot of story mission and the only time I got a legendary drop was on advanced

i got several legendaries on normal, but it was one every 10 games, on hardcore it was one every 3 gameplays (and some of them i lost before reaching the end of the level)

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So my luck just sucks then? Cause I easily ran 50+ missions and only had the one legendary

well i got past every level with every carácter at least a couple of times. my guess is that for raw numbers yes, that’s more times tan 50, but i weren’t that lucky, i only conserved two, most of them had too much negative stats or were obscenely expensive, shardswise.

Is it the one with the chance to reduce cooldown said by 2 sec when activating a power? If so, that’s unique to Geoff. I got it the first time I completed Algorithm on normal in the beta.

No, it was a power boost item with a shield penetration added effect. It was still unique to Geoff though, the description on it talked about him

Huh. Interesting. Didn’t know they could have more than one. The other one makes references to developing spider-like tendencies in AI neural networks, LOL.