Loot Balancing Campaign - How It Should Be Done

When you queue for a normal mode you should be rewarded thusly since there are no modifiers on (Hardcore, Unique Char). In this case common and uncommon gear should be rewarded from chests found through any respective level.

Let start from the most difficult and work our way down as this seems the easiest way for me to explain this system:

Advanced + Hardcore + Unique Char = Epic-Legendary drop from bosses; chests reward blue or better

Advanced +/- Unique Char = Rare-Legendary drop from bosses; chests reward blue or better

Normal + Hardcore + Unique Char = Rare-Epic drop from bosses; chests reward Uncommon or better

Normal (no modifiers and/or Unique Characters) = Uncommon-Epic drop from bosses; chests reward common or better

Does anyone have an issue or comment to add? The current loot system is pure RNG at the moment and needs a little organization and sanity injected for how loot is attained.

I wouldn’t mind improving odds based on difficulty. If your suggesting however that legendaries or epics should be reserved only for advanced or hardcore…then no. I don’t think only the best players deserve a chance at loot.

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Did you read the entire post? I have it listed in detail exactly how the system works. I believe this is the most fair way to present advanced loot for players. Why should you not be more rewarded for playing higher difficulties?

Bump, this is a fair way to balance out and provide reasons for completing missions on higher difficulties with(out) modifiers.