Loot Booster Event. This Friday! Ps4

Lf3 more for 5 stack lootbooster botsmashing extravaganza.

First come first serve. Only requirements is a lootbooster to activate and basic game knowledge.

When: Friday 5pm(EST) until eyes begin to bleed(then some). Where: Around Solus, the last star.

Which platform? I won’t be able to join regardless, but stating which platform should help you gather people who are interested.


ye. id be interested in botsmashing and lootboosting for the vast majority of friday cst on pc or ps4, because i get off work at 6 am and will need to keep awake until that evening to not throw off my sleep cycle. i will be very tired and pendling bots in capture sounds great.

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Sorry, updated post. It will be on Ps4.

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I won’t be available this Friday, but I would be interested in doing it some other time if you want to do it again at some point.

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I do & I will. Def hit me up: Esword330

One more slot open.

You still down? Got a full group counting you. I sent a friend request out. Please let me know asap if you are still joining in the mayhem.

Sorry guys, didnt survive black thurs/friday

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