Loot boss verification

I remember back in the day certain bosses were unable to drop their respective legendary. I known of the patch a while back for last gen. Do those same patches exist in the HC. I have hit up savage lee a few times only to see him drop nothing (not even ammo). Ive also been out of the game for some time now and since I never ported my 360 characters over I no longer have anything. I’d like to start hitting certain bosses for certain weapons but some of those are the ones in question. Can I get some clarification on this.

I know Doc Mercy and McNally for sure drop their respective guns. They both dropped their legendary weapons in a few tries each.

I’m more concerned with Lee. The infinity and hammer buster are “meh” the UKH is great for extended use.

After work I’ll try and farm Lee and see if I get lucky then. I’ll for sure keep you posted.

I’ve never had any luck with Lee. Fortunately it’s easy to get a Harold from the torgue dlc. Just farm enough tokens in bar room brawls and save/exit until your desired weapon is in the torgue vendor

Oh I’m aware of that manner. Basically I was wondering if ALL the bosses drop their appropriate legendary for low end farming.

Ahh okay. I know a lot of bosses got fixed in a patch and I’ve seen a few videos that get Lee to drop it (not always reliable but I believe at least one video to be legit)

However whenever I’ve farmed him I’m lucky if he drops cash never even a white or green weapon

Did Lee a dozen times earlier and no luck, even thought that was a small sample size. Going to grind more later.

Hey, sorry to drag this back up but I just got a Harold to drop from savage Lee. Feels like the games trolling me, I farmed for 3 hours last night to no avail and my first run this morning he drops an intense unkempt Harold. Not the prefix I’d have liked but it’ll do for now.

I was playing offline too which some people say helps but it’s probably just superstition

Glad you got it! I have been getting the bee and infinity very easily. I got a caustic and grounded infinity, both within 10 tries. Got the bee my first treant kill on UVHM. Also got the hornet twice within 30 minutes of farming or so. Still no Harold haha

I got another one last night haha. He is offputting to farm because he doesn’t drop much. He’ll either drop some cash or ammo or the Harold, I think that’s why so many people still think his drops are broken.

Lee drops his now.