Loot Bugs drops

Doth anyone think there could be a possibility of a loot pool ring given to the Loot Bugs from the Claptastic Voyage DLC some time in the future? Perhaps through a patch or hot fix?

That would be sweet to see. Give the Loot Bugs the ability to drop Leg’s… like a TPS version of the Legendary Loot Midgets! :smile: Of course that would mean giving them quite a buff in damage resistance and/or quite a bit more health. It would have to be balanced. But a great idea none-the-less.

I like your style @ArmoredElder :acmaffirmative:


doubtful they make any more changes to the game at this point. loot bugs don’t drop d*ck other than skins you already have.

i’m finding this game is reversed. if you need class mods, heads and skins for your toon, you have to farm for it with another toon.