Loot changes in a recent hotfix made farming Troy pointless

So, people were already farming the Gravewarden over Troy, simply because he is much faster to kill, for unlike Troy he does not have any immunity stages.
Now, in the recent hotfix we got this:

I feel like this has been overtuned. Like, I get that you didn’t want them to drop the Occultist and Quadomizer every kill but it almost seems like they don’t drop anything anymore. I’ve farmed my boy Troy for over an hour now without getting a single legendary outside of a weapon trinket.

Let me give you a recommendation on how you should approach boss loot balancing:
The amount of loot received should be proportional to the amount of time the boss takes to kill. The longer a boss takes to kill the more rewarding the drops should feel to make farming them still wortwhile. And the amount of time required to kill a boss depends to 90% on whether said boss does have immunity stages or not. Long story short: Nerf the drops on Grave Warden and buff the drops of the Rampager, Troy and Tyreen. It’s not gamebreaking if they drop a legendary on every kill because those kills take a while. Or at least have it every second kill. I’ve gotten barely any legendaries ever from Tyreen (of course not, why would the game ever give me something strong before it gets nerfed into the ground?) and none from Troy since that hotfix.
Also, please spare me the comments about going offline to disable the hotfix. This post is more about design philosophy than about me not getting any loot. It just feels bad if the easy kills are the most rewarding ones.

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