Loot clearance/giveaway

What’s up PS3 players? Not many of us left, but with a new level cap around the corner, it’s time to stop hoarding and start making space for lv. 70 gear. I figured this is a way for me to clear out my inventory/bank and a chance for others who may want last minute gear, who didn’t have the level cap, want money or loot to grind, whatever: Here is my list (in no particular order) of things I no longer want. Everything is lv. 60 unless noted otherwise, and elementals will be listed as (s) = shock, © = corrosive, etc.

Tl’kope Skullmasher
Action Logan’s gun
Win-Win Logan’s gun
Scalable Viral Marketer
Reactive Viral Marketer
Sublime Magma (3% Max shields)
Analytical Fatale (3% max shields)
Rightsizing Fatale
Proactive Fatale
Brisk IVF
Guileless Hellfire
Razor Hammer Buster
Tactical Blowfly
Liquid Pitchfork ©
Bolshy Longnail (s)
Heap’d Thingy
3 Prismatic Bulwark (absorb chance: 64,75,75)
3 Avalanche (recharge delay: 8.4, 8.96, 11.62)
Fabled Tortoise (recharge delay: 4.9)
Warming The Cradle
Black Hole
2 Celestial Enforcer
2 Celestial Gladiator
Celestial Doppelganger
Longbow Pandemic (1.4)
Rubberized Storm Front (0.2)
Homing Fire Bee (0.0)
4 Moonlight Saga (voltaic, arctic, acidic, meteoric)
2 Oxidizer (acidic, meteoric)
Meteoric Ack Ack
Lv. 59 Reogenator (77% resistance)
Lv. 58 Longbow Storm Front (0.0)
Lv. 56 Celestial Baroness
Lv. 56 3DD1.E
Lv. 50 Longbow quasar (2.2)
Lv. 50 Longbow Bonus Package (0.0)
Lv. 50 Homing Storm Front (1.5)

I also have other various things below lv. 50 if you’re interested. PSN: shakejunt922, and I have a mic if that helps. I’ll have this stuff until the DLC or I run out. Cheers!

I’ll take the Celestial Baroness. When are you available?

PSN is my handle.

I can use anything so, I’ll take whatever you’ll give me! Just send a friend request and let me know when you’ll be on.

PSN: ruler2k2k2


I’ll be on in 45 min. and should be good for the rest of the evening. If tonight doesn’t work, I’m on most evenings between 4-10pm EST.