Loot Clearout Legendaries/Epics

quick update

All bank has now been emptied.

Thanks to all those who wanted something - hope it makes your builds that bit stronger.

Remember, pass on some good stuff to others.

Mayne even play a round or two with you.


Anshin, not Austin :wink:


Couldn’t work out the Hieroglyphic font :joy:

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Fire fearmonger pls.

Pan nat_zero_six

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Sent a friend request

Hello, I would be interested in the butcher, crossroad, frozen heart shield, and reflex hail anoint operative if you still have them. I appreciate it.

My gamertag is g1hexatron.

all yours buddy. friend request coming in 5…4.

Thank you. I’ll accept it within the hour when I get home.

No rush, I’ll keep hold until necessary

@nat_zero_six & @g1hexatron

Items sent via mail. Have fun

Receives with thanks. :+1::+1:

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Hey man interested in the infinity, speedloadin hellwalker for Zane, and the double penetrating occultist. Also a good Zane or amara mod if you got…sorry not sure the names of their mods yet so that the best I can do lol

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all yours. I don’t have any mods to give/of that type sorry.

psn coming over shortly

Ok no problem and my psn is novalord6214


On their way via social

Last call for stuff…

you got about 8hrs before it goes.

Do you still have the Siren Recharger, AAA, and Nemesis? Im intersted in those.

Psn: psDrEw66

I do, I’ve just come off so will add you later.

saved for you though.

all coming your way via social.


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