Loot Complaint - pistol overload

Okay, so I finished the game. In 37 levels, I never found a legendary sniper rifle, assault rifle, smg, or rocket launcher. I got a legendary shield. I had a legendary grenade mod. Through the course of the game, I had, I think, 3 legendary pistols. At end-game, I still had two of them. One was a few levels below me, and the other was way below my level but still kicking ass. So …

I kill Tyreen

and what do I get? Half a dozen greens and single blue that was only worth selling for a bit of extra cash. Disappointed.

Then I

get into the final fault

And find four chests. Two only had greens. One had a single white weapon. The last had one green and three purple level pistols … but I already have two legendary pistols. Disappointed.

So I then

Get back to sanctuary and go to lilith’s room, open the chest …

Whoohoo! Legendaries! Oh … wait … 4 legendary pistols.

C’mon, Gearbox! Pistols AGAIN! And who needs 4 legendary pistols? Couldn’t you have had 4 different weapons? If I’d found an assault rifle, smg, pistol and rocket launcher, I’d be over the moon.

Instead, I have four more pistols.

Yes, it could be just bad luck … really, really bad luck … or it could be this needs to be looked into.

Anyway, sorry. Just ranting. I’m disappointed by the endgame loot.

In BL1 and BL2, killing the vault monster literally showered me with loot. BL3 sprinkles.

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It’s just RNG I think, but there are more legendary pistols in the game than sniper rifles. Though I didn’t get my first legendary pistol (well, revolver in this case) until the Saving Grace.

I think Nisha is calling out from the dead for you to take up her roll in the universe.

I do think the game has more pistols but the legendary thing is just bad luck. My drops from Tyreen were crap also. Final vault was crap as well. But I did get an assortment of legendaries from the Lilith chest.

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Don’t ignore the loot tinks… it’s a guaranteed legendary.

I don’t think so. I killed several and never had a legendary from any of them.

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I’m sorry the RNG gods are not kind to you. Have you finished the game? Try putting some tokens into Luck and see if that helps. Every loot tink I’ve killed has dropped a legendary…

No they aren’t…especially after the hotfix that nerfed them at the Jakobs estate. It took me 15 kills after that nerf to get one legendary from one. Before that nerf they dropped at least 1 in about 97% of the kills i had on them.

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Okay, so I finished the game. In 37 levels, I never found a legendary sniper rifle, assault rifle, smg, or rocket launcher.

That is basically RNG. I finished the game around the same lvl and I got most weapons, but pistols was actually dropping the least for me. The one weapon I did find most, was the Sniper Rifle: Woodblocker That ■■■■■■ weapon seemed to drop EVERYWHERE. The only thing I do feel drop a lot more than other stuff is shotgun ammo.

The chest though: yeah, I also got 4 pistols:) That might be not RNG cough

I got four Legendaries from Lilith’s chest, too. Four Legendary pistols. Four of the same Legendary pistol…

I mean, I like the Unforgiven and all but I don’t need four of them!

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Interesting, so did I. Totally forgot about that chest:)

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I got a legendary rocket launcher from Liliths chest, and a granade mode or schield or class mode, don’t remember exactly.
So yea, RNG it is :slight_smile:

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Why would Gearbox nerf such a thing? The little b–stards are hard enough to kill as it is…

Total RNG.

But I sometimes get the vibe that the game tracks what you do and do not use. For instance, I rarely use shotguns and rocket launchers, and by rarely I mean almost never. There are times I will load up the game, and the only weapon types it drops are shotguns and rocket launchers. Annoying as hell. Quit and Restart for a new RNG.

However, I will say RNG can add a lot to the game though through Mayhem Mode. Sometimes it can be just as evil. I can’t remember the stats, but a friend was having a hell of a time playing the other day. RNG had stuck him with pretty much all disads including one that basically ricocheted every shot he fired at an enemy back at him causing him damage. As well as giving the enemy 100% accuracy on all shots fired at him. Literally all enemy types could not miss and were as tough as Anointed.

My first response to him was “Did you piss off the RNG Gods?”

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