Loot containment shields for Maps?

Not just with bosses, but there are waaasy too many areas in TPS where you are fighting enemies who have s chance to drop good (blue and above) gear or valuable moonstones and you are right beside a pit or other edged area where you die if you venture off.

It can even happen in the EOS boss fight if you kill EOS’ first firm too close to the map edge or Shaadowtrap / Badass glitches in the mutator arena.

At least with Iwa, you can wade into the lava!

But i literally cannot think of a single area in TPS where i have not lost some good piece of gear or another off an edge.

Would it be a huge deal, programming wise, to make some sort of invisible boundary around the “edges” of maps that loot would like bounce off of rather than falling off, but still allow the player to fall from and thus keeping the risk / excitement factor?

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That would be great ! And worse than those, the first time the invincible sentinel dropped me a legendary, it fell through the floor ! That was a very upsetting experience :smile:
Also, I helped a friend kill EOS in TVHM, so I got an electric cheat code, and my friend got a non elemental. He was playing as athena so I wanted him to have it, but when I dropped it on the floor, it once again passed through it ><’

So it would be great if they could make real floors :wink:

I lost a Nukem in the hole at the center of the holodome, but I think it was the only time I lost a legendary that way… But yeah, that’s annoying to have to search everywhere every time you kill a boss, and the risk to lose good gear !

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