Loot Crate code discrepancy

I redeemed my SHiFT code from this month’s loot crate just now. The SHiFT reward message thing says it’s for 2 LLC commander packs, but I only actually received 1. I don’t know if the description is wrong or if I’m actually missing a pack, but either way I figured I should point it out so it can be corrected.

How’d you receive your code? Was it in the box or in an email?

You have to go to lootcrate.com/pins to get it. There’s been a digital bonus of some sort there every month since January, but they haven’t made it all that obvious.

Thanks Fam!

I also only got 1 pack instead of 2 and I wrote in a ticket.

people on reddit are also having issues.

I also just put in my shift code from loot crate and I only got 1 pack, not 2.