Loot/Customisation Thread - Your Views

So, they included a loot system and player customisation back end. What do you think about it so far.

  1. Do you like it?
  2. Does it fit the game?
  3. You don’t like it and don’t care?

My view so far:
Generally whilst running around the map there are plenty of containers and shard pods you can hit or shoot and pick up on the fly. A lot of the others loot containers and shard pods are out of the way and require you to abandon your team in order to loot them. The containers can be a bit fiddly, and from my time in the game now I don’t even look at what i’m picking up, i’m just frantically looting before I get left behind.

After creating custom load outs you need to pick up shards to activate them. Today I went into my command centre and found I had an Orange and Epic item - I didn’t even know I had picked them up or were rewarded them? So I stick them in my load out. The Orange needs 1800 shards to activate! So this means I have to search and loot even more shards, thus spending even less time doing team work - this system is counter productive IMO. If you had 3 Orange items, it would require A LOT of shards.

Question: If I pick shards up do the team benefit or just me? If just me, that’s bad.

The loot from bosses is not individual, and if you don’t get there quick tough. How’s this happened? ISIC has already been seen to not drop anything, and frankly it’s hard to see anything that does drop.

Question: Where in the game menu’s does it show what all the orbs do?

Why should picking up score orbs have anything to do with the team play? It shouldn’t, and neither should it for individuals as we should all be working together not running around looking for orbs out of the way.

My personal view on the system is negative. They didn’t need to include it IMO and bonuses should have been from player/group excellence. Looting detracts from team game play and would have been better for all enemy to drop orbs to pick up, not containers way off the mission track. As players progress then their stats increase, therefore players need to put in time before advancing to harder modes - where team play will be paramount.

I can see what they were trying, but it could have been a lot simpler for this game, after all, the PvE is TEAM MISSION based and shouldn’t be about individual looting.

So what’s everyone’s view on this topic?

I definately feel legendary gear is overpriced. All of them are 1800 shards regardless of what they do. Some might be worth it, like the ones that change the skill of a battleborn (i have a watch that let’s toby lay 2 mines at slightly decreased damage). Even these I think could be a little cheaper (1200 or so).

All other legendaries I sell. They will only have use in PVE, and even then I generally take an epic instead. I had a legendary abd epic that did the same things (damage reduction and shirld regen). The legendary also gave bonus shards when I was dealt damage. The thing was, the epic cost half the price to activate. No sense to that.

If you get a lot of shards early game, and (in versus mode) go get some shards that are near the base after you die or teleport back to base, getting 1800 shards shouldn’t be a problem. I really like the shards system, because I have something to do after I die or when there are no enemies near. It also is fun to see an ally and enemy fight over who gets the shard. ;3

Answer: The team does get shards when you pick them up, but less than you. But everyone does benefit from it.
(As far as I know…)

In my opinion, it should not be based on how well the team does. Why not? When your team does well, they level up faster and you get overleveled. The enemy team can still try to fight you and catch up. By, for example, collecting shards and building turrets and buying gear. ;D

So in general, I like the system. And if the legendary gear wasn’t this expensive, people would have loadouts with 3 pieces of legendary gear. 0-0 Does not sound good. ;p

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Too much of the upper level gear is trash with lower bonuses than common gear but higher activation costs and penalties to boot.

I only found 1 epic gear worth activating (the cooldown).

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What about an option to auto-trigger your gear once you’ve acquired enough shards in order of cost from either lowest>highest or highest>lowest?

Relatively, if you pick up X amount of shards, does it go to a team account, or does each player’s individual count go up? Because if it’s the first, one player triggering their gear makes it less-to-not possible for other allies to trigger their gear.

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Your team mates do get 20 percent of the sharps you collect and bosses do have unique gear to them.
Also the gear cost is to balence it better gear more shards needed think it well thouht out and stops players become alot better just because they got lucky with there gear though some gear is worth the price other are not.
Ah auto gear system i wouldnt personally use it as i wouldnt want to use all my shards as soon as i got the right amount as i may wish to buy another things but i see no harm in letting other people have the opition if they want it.