So I have a Loot Dice + luck on roll combo, in the past 3 days I actually started to gather info on Graveward farms with Loot dice on and off, killed him 30 times with Loot dice on and off, the results were 37 legendary on average with loot dice on and 39 legendary with loot dice off, based on RNG and other factors I can say that luck stat does not affect legendary drop, I saw more epic/blue/greens with loot dice on though but didnt count them exactly.

Some youtubers BS and talk nonsense, post stupid videos with fake results or results that are exactly like mine and they still say loot dice boost legendary, I crack myself when I hear that, and its because of such morons gearbox didnt fix this issue yet.

More exactly how I did my tests, I ignored every single cosmetic and Grave relic and ward shield, I counted only the world drop legendary items, and the results clearly shows loot dice + luck combo is hot garbage. Now I cant have such bad RNG I farm graveward daily for like 30 days now and trust me I would totally notice if LOOT Dice affects legendary drop.
If you also had a bad experience with LOOT Dice share it with me, if you are one of thos ppl who killed him like 3 times with loot dice and got some sort of placebo effect from it please go back kill him at least 30 times with loot dice on and 30 times with loot dice off, than come back and share your result, the difference must be at least 10 legendary drops to make loot dice a item worth using, if not it was all RNG and you only think loot dice works, in fact it dosnt.

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Only 30 times? That seems like a small sample size for proper statistical analysis.


exact count over 2000 times in past 3 days… I said I killed him 30 times with loot dice off and 30 times with loot dice on, I did this cycles many many times, the results were always similar in legendary drop, the average time to kill + load screen + etc was 30 seconds, using crit swap to finish him in 2 seconds. My farming method did not change this is how I kill him https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnBXx1KLt1Q&t=5s

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There was a post on Reddit. Player killed him 4000 times with Loaded Dice, + Luck stat. Results won’t blow your mind, but Luck certainly doesn’t stack.

nowhere does it say it spawns more legendaries persé :wink: it drops more RARE loot wich legendaries are a part of and not the only thing.

“rare drop rate” not “legendary drop rate”

rare means everything from green to legendary… or at least that’s how it allways has been (otherwise people would just hoard legendary % gear and not use anything else)


Weird bonus of loaded dice. It makes Amara’s sustainment skill a basically never die. Because of how health gate works, anything that makes a “based on damage” heal work less is helpful.

Not that I used it like that, but it was a thing I noticed.

At the end of the day, there shouldn’t be a health penalty on this item. The trade off is clearly not worth it.


It may affect the items themselves. Like for instance better stats on things like rate of fire and crit

Speculations aside, raw data shows loot dice is hot garbage and does not deserve a relic slot just for the boosted luck, unless it has perfect rolls and you make a build around 25% hp

Those are all predetermined by the parts the gun spawns with aren’t they?

ha…I make builds around 1 health

I do agree the loaded dice is underwhelming and therefore I don’t use it. The thing about doing a 30 run test is it isn’t going to give true results. That’s like taking a poll with 30 people and saying the results represent an entire state.
If a real test is going to be done it needs to be more like 1000 runs with and without the loaded dice. Each piece of White, blue, green, purple, gold, and annointed needs to be counted as well. After 1000 runs it really takes rng out of the equation and shows how valuable the loaded dice really is or isn’t.

Who’s up for the task?

This relic also severely nerfs Moze Ironbear armor since it’s a straight removal of health instead of reserving health like her other skills. IB health is partially based on your character’s health.

I run a 1hp Moze but I avoid this relic. The deathless is better.

Deathless for sure is better, because it at least turn that health into shields.

The only thing I noticed when I did this sort of test was the increase in Anointed gear. This was all before the event which boosted Anointed drops tho. Did not increase legendary drops at all. So ya… Just increases the odds for a better roll it seems.

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will post it again for ya…

I wouldn’t be surprised if Luck isn’t a diminishing returns stat, it usually is if it’s used at all. Keeps loot drops from becoming totally ridiculous.

(That is to say, Luck is probably a diminishing returns stat.)

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i’ll keep it simple :wink:

what’s 100% of 1%

So anywhere between 45-95 extra legendaries after 1000 runs. Yah still not worth it honestly I’d rather wear something that makes the boss fight take 5% less time than get a 5% increase in loot. Or just simply not waste an inventory space for relic swapping loaded dice.

Edit: The definition of “significant” (as stated on the loaded dice) in my book means 30% increase or more. I don’t think the word “significant” could be so subjectively viewed and represent such a small increase.




sufficiently great or important to be worthy of attention; noteworthy.

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yes it is…but I like being a rebel