Loot distribution. It's trash

I’ve really been enjoying the same for the most part. I love most things about it. Howerver; the loot.

I love that you can earn gear, it adds serious replayability to the campaign modes. However im having a really hard time understand how loot is distributed to the team. Ive played online games where I havent gotten a single piece of gear so many times. In my frustration I decided to play private splitscreen with my bud. Only for one of us to get EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF GEAR. 6+ pieces, one person. Several times.

Why in the serious hell is this allowed to happen? It feels like I just wasted 20-30 mins playing a match for absolutely no reward outside of exp and credits. (I can play PVP for that)

What the hell gearbox. What’s the deal with your loot system? I’m having trouble playing PVE whatsoever. Whenever I play a match, (especially when its a level I just played 3 times) I honestly feel stressed out, concerned that I won’t get any gear. If I can play 2 player splitscreen and not get a cut of the loot, what bloody chance do I have playing with 3 other players?

Maybe im just having rotten luck, maybe.
But I can’t help but feel it’s a huge slap in the face when I play a level I don’t want to freaking play, only to not receive any form of worthwhile reward (once again, I can get credits and exp in PVP).

I don’t want to be that guy who ditches his team cause he isn’t happy with the level that was chosen. But it’s getting to the point where I just can’t play Algorithm without the promise of ONE PIECE OF GEAR.

But you know what, I could forgive all of that.
Except the fact that it can still happen with 2 freakin’ people playing together. It’s very clearly not a 50% chance per piece. And I doubt its rewarded based on contribution either.

I would love for someone to explain how this loot system works, so I can better understand why a person can be screwed so royally. /end rant

Sounds like a split-screen issue. Every time I play with my friend over the network, or in public story mode, we both get the same loot as all the other people (except for character-specific loot).

I can confirm that this is a splitscreen issue.

My brother and I have picked up epic gear during splitscreen play yet only one of us has gotten it. PS4, by the way. It’s not a dealbreaker in any way but it definitely is an issue that needs fixing

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I see. Well, I can live with that. It’s a little disappointing considering splitscreen is the only way I can play with my friend and guarantee the level I want to play. But if that’s the case, next time my entire teams leaves our game. I might actually stick around. Does anyone know how the difficulty scales on a side note?

Thanks for the reply guys

To elaborate, If a match starts with 4 people, and two leave. Does the difficulty scale to reflect the players still in the match? Im not entirely sure how it works, and would love to know if anyone has any idea.

Well I play on XBox with my fiance and I know a similar issue. I was quiet mad I got no gear after my 1st mission, until I recognized that its all in my bank. Just the sequence after the mission/match bugged and I only saw how I got EXP, but no loot-animations…
Usually all gear & packs should be applied to all partymembers.

In some cases gearpacks from big Thralls were only applied to one of us - I think this is a rare splitscreen issue -.-

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Of course. Gearbox has said this multiple times.

Also, in the future, could you please try to be calm as you’re writing about your problem? It’d probably make Gearbox more eager to listen to you.

Also check that you have room in your inventory, there are plenty of times I don’t recieve loot at the end of the mission, only to realise that d’oh, i forgot to make room for the spoils of war.

Same i’ve noticed it while playing with my wife on PS4 CO-OP. One of use will pick up like an epic “for the team” and she’ll have it but ill like 1 common piece of gear to her like 6 pieces of gear

If you go to gear and sort on newest you will find you did receive a epic piece but it didn’t show up on the after mission screen. I have tested this on multiple occasions and we always got the same amount but it didn’t show up on the after mission screen. Keep in mind some loot packs that show up as found are character bound or cr level bound these will not share across. But all the rest of the loot you do receive them. It’s a glitch in the after mission screen I think. Please test this for your self. See how many pieces and what type (rare,epic,etc) the one with the most gets. Go to your gear set it to newest first and you will find you did receive the exact same amount as the other player. ( before mission go to gear set to newest see what piece was your newest and that’s your point to work from)

I dunno if it is just a visual glitch, me and the missus were playing the other day, and she got a legendary at the end and I didn’t.

I had this same concern, but after some testing discovered that the gear actually did show up in my bank even though it wasn’t on the reward screen.

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My friends and I get way more loot and better versions of it in splitscreen. I have never gotten loot that my friend didn’t. Stats are a different story. I’ve never seen this happen but it could be an issue has anyone posted this on the gearbox support ticket site to make sure ?

A few quick questions and reasons why this is happening.

Are you picking up boss loot? Gear isn’t auto awarded when you kill a boss. You need to actually run to their " corpse" and pick up the loot by running on it to get it. It’s one of the easiest ways to get loot.

Are you opening and hunting down loot chests? Chests change to be one of 3-4 locations depending on the map and the area you are in. If you don’t find them your loot will be seriously diminished.

Do you only not get to open the loot packs in the command screen or do you not even see loot in the post screen that slowly scrolls right showing the loot you got? Packs are auto opened at the end of a game am so if you skip it it will appear that you got nothing even though you actually did. Check your match history if you may have skipped it go see what was awarded up to a certain map count.

Have you compared your gear choices before and after a game? I always get loot but the packs are auto opened at post game.

Have one of you gain a command rank or character rank level in a mission? If so that will be only rewarded to that specific player.

Were you awarded gear that you don’t see? If you gear bank is maxed you will need to delete gear or buy a new page in order to see it since gear from missions is always awarded even if it’s over the max cap just like BL quests do. I recommend deleting red gear and gear with lower stats of the same rarity.

If you loot stash is maxed it appears hidden offscreen and you will only be able to see it if you delete gear. It happens to me quite a bit before I bought the extra page. Check you post screen match history and watch the loot roll in.