Loot drop broken

I’m playing cistern of slaughter on mayhem 4, have made it through three waves and am seeing little to know loot. … There was zero loot on the first wave…



Four waves of cistern
0 orange
3 purple
4 blue
16 green

23 total loot items dropped.

Didn’t even bother putting myself through round 5.
Broke AF


Yip mate,

We all feel your pain from MH4 to MH10. Slaughterhouse and raid seem particularly adversely affected by yesterdays hotfix… I am sure Gbox are working on it but yes, very very frustrating…


It’s terrible all over the game. I’m farming Killavolt right now and getting 2-3 legendaries on M10 and they’re usually SMGs from the event. It’s going to take me forever to get a good Monarch.

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Welcome to Brokenlands


I suggest you open a support ticket and send pics if possible and write out your experience in the feedback. Its the only way they will know or take it seriously.

Theres some horrible ppl on the forums who act like its normal but its not. Ull be wasting ur time here unless you make a feedback ticket. Heres a link thry tell us to.make.a feedback ticket

I do confirm what you are saying and you have my sympathy and i share ur frustration

Yeah between two days.many hours me.and my wife got a total of 2. She was saying how theres greens and blues now on all drops. Named etc


I’ve gotten 2 Monarchs in about an hour and a half and those were on M8. I haven’t gotten any since I went up to M10 and that was about 30 minutes ago.

I finally got one on M10. It’s shock (my least desirable element) but worse yet, it’s got a melee damage anoint. :frowning:

In the mean time, I got probably at least my 50th Ripper and Destructo Spinner.


M10 is so broken it’s not even funny…I mean it was funny for about a day now it’s a slog

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I sent one in I’m debating to send another idk if it will help at all :upside_down_face:

I had 2 tickets open with 2K “support”. I finally just let them go because they were so bad. They just want you to send them videos of everything and never ask pertinent questions. They don’t seem to know anything about the game.

Can confirm that loots are broken. I was farming Captain Truant for nearly 6 hours and barely got any legendaries, or hell even less powerful loot. Athenas is even one of the planets affected by “loot the Universe” and I am not getting ■■■■■ (MH6+)

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Same for lower levels: mayhem 3, and also lower level normal mode (30 'ish). It’s becoming very frustrating, what with loot bonanza one day and loot dearth the next. Moreover, there’s a very apparent loot imbalance.

The way it is now, if it ain’t legendary, then it’s crap … and if it IS legendary, then it’s probably also crap. It should work such that loot at any level provides a broad range of choices that support progression to the next level. Obviously, white weapons should provide minimal support, and legendaries maximum support. I don’t know how loot drops are calculated, but I think this area needs a lot of attention.

A player leveling up should see virtually no legendaries early on, gradually progressing until a player approacing max level has maybe 3/4 of his loadout legendary. Beyond that, legendaries should be LEGENDARY and not just orange. I’ve read that legendaries are all handcrafted and not part of the procedural generation. Frankly, this is hard to believe, since most legendaries are crap.
Moreover, they’re cheap crap and not worth gathering for Marcus.

That said, handcrafting should exist at all levels and all rarities. I know that sounds like a lot, but what I’m saying is that the core loot set (of all rarities) from one level to the next should be crafted, then procedural generation can account for the bazillion guns … aka marcus fodder.

Finally, whatever legendaries a player has on reaching max level should pale in comparison to what he has by max mayhem level. This is already the case, but the progression from one mayhem level to the next should be more apparent. Frankly, at mayhem level 3, I can’t tell any difference from mayhem level 1.

OK … long post. I love this game. I think it’s the best Borderlands to date. It’s future, however, remains in doubt. Please realize that most of your customers are casual gamers, yet many of these are influenced by reviews from hardcore gamers. Providing for both sets is a fine dance to be sure, but you can do it.

Thank you for this great game and great series.

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I dont know if its the same for everyone but the m10 drops in villa are terrible i farmed it over 10 times last night and out of 10 3 of the dropped one legendary from all the bosses the other seven i was lucky to get 2 legendary guns per run WTF this is terrible not worth all the time i put in

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Yea, I quit doing it. Not worth the time.

I am running mayhem 10 and had three runs out of 30 where I had zero legendary drops. I also had a few were only one legendary dropped. I’m a little confused because according to loot on mayhem 10 it’s a 2500 % chance of dropping but I’m seeing less drops then I did a week ago but even then still seemed low. I don’t know if anybody else is experiencing this. I saw a video were Wotan is dropping correct dedicated loot pool.

Just done two runs on True Takedown and only got one non M10 redistributor, the rest of the stuff was common tat,
I thought that the drops had been fixed … apparently not!

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They were fixed. Before yesterday’s hotfix, the Redistributor and other Wotan exclusive drops were not dropping at all (since the hotfix before that). Now they can drop, but that does not mean that they will always drop.


Two runs on M10 true takedown and the only dedicated drop was one, non M10 level redistribution doesn’t seem fixed to me,

Drops are still broken at the Warden and the Villa drops have decreased a lot. It seems like new content tends to have higher drop rates, then they get scaled way back over time. Villa felt very rewarding at the start. Now, it’s just a painful grind.
18 split-screen runs on the minibosses with Joey (Franco and Tyrone) yielded 4 OPQ with damage ranging from 6k to 8k, 3 Yellowcakes with damage from 28k to 43k, 3 fish grenades all with 150% grenade damage, and a shield. No drops from the other minibosses in the villa, as per usual.

Seems like GBX should be increasing drop rates towards the end of the event cycle. Instead, it’s practically not worth it to keep farming. It seems that the best use of my time is to play for the first half of the event life, then just wait until the release of the new content. The ROI gets worse over time in this game, instead of better.

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I really don’t get what GBX did with the Cartels event. The first week it was great. After that, I haven’t been able to get hardly anything for drops. I gave up. The mini bosses drop purples, blues and greens. If you do get lucky and get a legendary from them, it’s a world drop most of the time.

I just killed Tyrone Smallones (yea, that’s what I call him) again by Traunt and he dropped an artifact. :rofl: