Loot drop is supernerf for single players since coop lott drop event starts some days ago

This you made us was horrible! the single players now cant get legies at the same rate than after that stupid event… graveward is now throwing only 0-2 legies on m4, before the patch of that stupid and discriminating event (coop lott drop event) starts the graveward was throwing 4-5 legies all time on m4.

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I’ve definitely noticed the decrease in legendaries from bosses. Graveward and Gigamind both have been dropping far less legendaries for me. I haven’t farmed any other bosses recently in the main game to know if they’re the same.

i’ll tell you that the DLC “bosses” poop them out (though it’s the same useless crap every time -> crappy anointment on an anarchy half the time)

hope there will be a patch today

You speak the truth. I ran Graveward 3 times last night before finally moving on. He typically would drop 1-3 legendaries per run at M2. I ran the 3 last night at M3 and he dropped 0 (ZERO). I posted a thread on it and nobody had heard of any issue, but there must be something going on.

Now the counter to this is that I got a crap ton of legendaries during the DLC and of course from the vending machines. They also drop like its raining during the DLC side missions. Are you getting them this way?

every day i start playing i do a quick eden 6 run (check the red chest, check vendors and kill graveward)

2days ago, 0 legendary, yesterday 1 legendary and today a wopping 2 legendary (and an other 2 from the chests) on mayhem 4 :slight_smile: