Loot Drop Issue

So I’m very concern with the way the loot drop system is…
Been playing with my son and he has received 10 legendary and I have receive one. What is weird, I have +13.22% luck and the Treasure Hunter. Son has none of that.

Concerned my percentage is going to others when playing matchmaking and that would explain why I seem to hardly get drops.

Son gets drop no biggy but when playing random that’s not cool.

I equipped an artifact tonight that decreases health by 75% but “significantly increases luck” I was getting a legendary every boss or so before this, after equipping this I fought the Warden and he dropped 5, yes 5 legendaries, which included a butcher and a fire conference call and a Freeze Hex Grenade. Literal jackpot. I then killed 10 bosses after that and didn’t get one single legendary. Loot is so weird in this game. Wait till you get to mayhem 3 and legendaries will be dropping left and right. If you’re only playing normal or TVHM then it’s just bad RNJesus for you.

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Except it does appear that the luck enhancements are not working properly. Agree with OP is disheartening.

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All I do is Mayhem 3 on normal and tvhm depending on traffic.
Just don’t make sense.
Guess just another game thing you just deal with :(.