Loot drop rate [extra characters]

It is seriously jacked up. Easy mode, all the time.

I literally just got 2 legendaries in a row after one another from 2 different enemies, in less than 5 seconds apart (lvl 46, mayhem 3). This isn’t even end-game? I’m not level 50.

I feel like they completely infantilized the expectations for loot in this game. It is pouring out of my ears, and I feel like I have done nothing or killed anything deserving.

How do you feel?

Edit: not 15s after writing this while in-game, I got another legendary to drop. I guess they’ll need to introduce a new rarity tier in DLC? That’s actually legendary.

You are playing offline I guess. Quite stingy if you ask me, in light of the fact that many of the loot items are troll legendaries and “orange” cosmetics that you already have.

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