Loot drop variants

I hope your not looking for a specific type of weapon in an enemy loot drop, because chances of getting what you are looking for, in any kind of short time frame are horrible. I have been -farming- MONG in the Eridium Blight for over 3 months, tried to get him to drop an OP8 electric Badaboom, and it just isn’t happening. Keep in mind…

  1. Mong has to appear. random % generated
  2. Odds of the Badaboom weapon drop. random % generated
  3. Variant weapon flavors. random % generated
  4. Variant levels of loot range from 3 levels (dumbest idea ever) upon killing Mong. random % generated
  5. Wearing the - 5% enemy loot drop increase - Relic is basically useless.

So basically you will find yourself repeating the same farms throughout the entire game in the same mannor. Fighting tough Bosses and enemys that only disappoint you upon killing them and over and over again they will not drop the weapons you are looking for.

This is Gearbox way to keep you playing? wow they are creative. Thumbs down.

Just a heads-up, some people on the old forums found that the Vault Hunter’s Relic only boosted the odds of finding blue weapons instead of green weapons.
You’re better off using relics that boost your damage/ammo/etc, which will make it a slightly faster farm.

Green and white, not blue and white.

2, not 3.

Yep. All it does is lower the chance you’ll get a white weapon and increases the chance you’ll get a green. It’s fine until you can find something else.

My advice for the OP: Broaden your horizons.
Who cares if you get the exact Badaboom you want, this is a game full of billions of possible guns, and many thousands that are quite good even endgame (counting variations), so go do something you enjoy and get you some cool loot. Might not be what you had in mind, but that’s ok, it’s something, and you can use it. I have ~2500 hrs in BL1 and there’s still things I have yet to find in that game that I want to eventually, but I’ve always had fun in the game anyways: why? Because I never really cared if I got the exact gun I wanted, rather I simply wanted good gear, and find it I did, LOTS of it.


Well, no one is forcing you to play the game. And your complaint has changed…what?

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Let’s keep things friendly, please.

Droprate has been a long-standing point of contention for some people. Gearbox are happy with the current droprate and the challenge it brings to the game. Many players don’t feel the same way as you do, and would baulk at a higher droprate.


Plus it’s already been tweaked and I don’t see it being tweaked anymore.


I know how frustrating it can be, but the game is already three years old. Most people here are already aware of all of the things you brought up and most of the people who had a problem with it either stopped playing, made their peace with it or found ways around it. The legendary drop rate has already been tripled so it isn’t even as bad as it used to be when the game was first released. If you find farming for perfect gear such a frustrating experience, just don’t farm for perfect gear. Why do you need a perfect shock Badaboom? You really don’t need it, you just want it. Any regular explosive Badaboom will work just fine. If you don’t like King Mong’s spawning chances, you can also get Badabooms from Legendary Loot Midgets and the Loot Train. They don’t have an increased chance of dropping it, but if you get lucky, they might. And you might get a whole bunch of other legendaries in the process. If any type of farming annoys you, you could also try and trade for it with other players in the trade section of the forums dedicated to your platform. Someone might have a shock Badaboom lying around they’d be willing to part with. Don’t get too hung up on getting perfect gear. It’s mostly a thankless task and most of the time, you really don’t need 100% perfect gear to play the game. I’ve been playing this game for over two years now and I still don’t have 100% perfect versions of every piece of gear I wanted, but I do have every piece of gear I wanted. And that’s just fine with me.