Loot Droprate Nerfs - *Way* Too Far?

I do realize that the droprate of legendaries in Mayhem was excessive, but after playing more this evening the nerf has gone way too far, at least from my first impression.

Rather than simply nerfing the insane farming areas and perhaps dialing down droprates slightly on Mayhem 2 and 3, Gearbox decided to wield the nerf equivalent of a sledgehammer.

It feels like Borderlands 2, pre droprate buffs. And that’s on Mayhem 1/2.

It also feels like, despite claims to the contrary, loot drops were also nerfed somewhat in non Mayhem modes.

I’m sure there is some sort of happy middle between ‘legendaries raining from the sky’ and the frustration of going hours without seeing one, but this isn’t it.

EDIT: After a bit more testing, droprates in non Mayhem modes have also been gutted. Why?

How are you finding the new droprates, in particular people that were still gearing and aren’t totally kitted out yet/prefer playing solo?


It needed to be done when I was farming the loot tink (now fixed) i was getting around 4-6 legendary every time and that is just kind of absurd, they are legendary and shouldent be that easy to get.


I tried it before nerf and the drops from bosses/chupacabratch on at minimum mayhem I and it was raining legendaries, but also to say that I would much appreciate it if they would stop tossing me a turd in the shape of a legendary. Wish more desirable guns weren’t mostly world drops. Now when I try to farm I’m seeing significantly less results, not seeing anything come from the badasses either. I’ve just gone back to looking at green items. The update has been so-so. Mayhem seems way better than THVM in terms of farming though.

Sure. But then why not just nerf the tinks?

Why did they have to gut all droprates, including non Mayhem modes?

Remember when they eventually had to buff droprates in BL2 by X3? The game now feels like BL2 did before the buff.

Yes, I’m fine with a few nerfs to outlier bosses. But this is a very heavy-handed nerf to basically all droprates everywhere. Even blue/purples in Normal.


Remember that their stance in bl2 on legendaries was that they should be as rare as they were despite all of the pleading from the community. It wasn’t until the handsome collection came out four years later that they acknowledged how low they were.



I would have thought they’d have learned.

It seems…not.


I agree that it went way too far. It’s not fun to fight for 5 minutes with a bunch of anointed and their “escort”, just get a bunch of greens and some blues and “MAYBE” a purple every xth fight…

Sure, we got a lot of legs before, but let’s be honest, most of them were useless anyway, so finding one that actually felt special or like an improvement was quite the luck. Now it’s like good luck finding a useful purple and forget about legs, period :frowning:


I think it was fine honestly. I figured it was the only way to combat duping. It’s still not bad from the little I played today but if it gets really low then people will just get friends to dupe so… I got tons of Legendaries drops as well but I didn’t get the one I really wanted until earlier this morning. It still took time, killing, grinding to get the item. Even then it still wasn’t the exact roll I wanted. Anthem’s loot should have dropped like this because it was more about getting the god roll than the actual drop. It would be different if legendaries all had set rolls/ bonuses.

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I don’t agree with the nerf at all, the real end game farm was for good anointments which are rare enough to be special. However I, nor any of the people I’ve asked, have noticed a significant decrease. If you were farming for the loot tink on jakobs estate today it was probably a much more drastic contrast but in general game play at mayhem 3 tvhm I haven’t noticed. Also as someone who has thousands of hours in bl2 this is still miles ahead of bl2 drop rates.

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I also think the nerv got too far. I thouth before the nerv, it was too easy to get legendarys, and I can only speak for Normal-Mode.
I got every third story-boss a legendary and I didn’t grind them, I fought only once for the mission.
Now I’m sitting half the night grinding “IVIV” for the legi shield, I hope that it was no world drop, for my next character. And I haven’t got it so far.

It feels like BL2 before the “minimalistic” buff to droprate. And now lets search for multiple elements, specific prefix and those action skill buffs (like the moonstone-ability from TPS)

Thanks good those crasy youtubers have allready all those loot which they can dubb.

And the nerv on normal-Mode is nonsense. Those legendarys are fun to use for about 3-5 levels and than they are crab. On TVHM it is OK

But gearbox can destroy all those already available 50-Legendarys by setting a new level-cap and than the farming starts from zero.


Start a new character and run a bit of normal mode, or spend a few golden keys. You will see the difference - a lot of blues where purples would usually be, or greens in the place of blues.


I ve killed Captain taunt 2 hours and get 1 legendary on TVHM Mayhem 3. I think, it is a bit to much NERF.


Legendaries are dropping regularly for me on TVHM no mayhem (because I’m bugged and my mayhem terminal is not in sanctuary in TVHM, only normal.)

Are you playing in Offline mode? Apparently some people have managed to escape the nerf by doing so.

Finally I got my second one. After maybe 30-35 trys. In my opinion a bit too long, especially for Normal-Mode


Nice to see another Zane player!

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hotfixes are downloaded and applied when you launch the game, you can play the game without any hotfixes by being offline or using a netlimiter to prevent bl3 from downloading the hotfix

Ah, that’s how people have been getting around this nonsense…

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Like I said on another thread add an option for players to decide what drop rate we want. From rare to the point that you may find one per game to practically swimming in loot and getting a guaranteed legendary per boss fight.


This would be fantastic. It would also make far too much sense.