Loot drops 10 levels below player?

Me and my friend are both level 53 on BL2 and for some reason when we are at the Mercenary Day DLC my friend is getting level 49-50 loot while he hosts or runs solo but I am only getting 37-40 loot drops when I host or run solo even though we are both running TVHM. Is there a way to fix this? It sucks that I cannot farm that DLC. Also we both completed the DLC at the same time in the same game session while over level 52, me being the higher level.

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The map will be level-locked for you as host when you first entered it in your own play through in a given mode. If you’re both over level 50, you can do the DLC in UVHM, at which point the DLC will scale with you.

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So basically wait until the very last minute or when I am max level to enter this area again. Is there any other areas like this?

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It’s just the way TVHM works - when you first enter a map, that’s the level it will be. Some maps do level up either with you or at set story events. A few of these are broken in TVHM, though, compared to how they work in NVHM. For example, most of the maps will level up to 50 once you complete main story in TVHM, but a few won’t. (Apparently, the new DLC is in this category.)

If you are already level 50 and you’re intending to play UVHM, you should at least start now. Otherwise, when you finally get around to it all the enemies will be your level (or slightly higher) but the best gear you have from TVHM will still be level 50. And enemies have health regen in UVHM…

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Interesting. How about in UVHM, will the Mercenary Day DLC scale with me then? regardless if I end up there early? I feel like it would be a good choice to get some good gear farmed out right away if that is the case right?

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Anything in UVHM scales with your level, yes.

Or in multiplayer case, the highest level of players inside the game.

Thing is, after you beat the main story on TVHM, everything else in the game should scale to lv50 (except Lilith DLC, I heard). And you can’t enter UVHM (unless you joined someone else) before you beat the main story on TVHM.

So it seems like I need to wait on starting Lilith DLC until max level for farming Haderax then. Thank you!

Yesterday i encountered this problem in a fresh reset, on UVHM @ OP10 while playing through the Captain Scarlett dlc.

I was hosting the game, my friend and i were about to ‘read only’ the hand in for the Pimpernel.

While the Mission Log displays the quest as a Level 90 mission in multi-player when my friend left the game to ‘read only’, his Mission Log displayed the quest as Level 80, however every other quest and/or turn in/collection displayed as Level 90.

Sounds like his game hadn’t registered that he’d joined an OP10 play-through for some reason?

Surely the other quests that were picked up during that session would have also registered incorrectly, were that the case?

Its weird that it was only one quest among two others awaiting collection showed a level deficit on the switch from multi-player to solo. Most certainly the first time i’ve encountered such a bug in hundreds of hours of play.