Loot drops in bl3

Why am I getting class mods and anointments that arent for my character it is so redundant and this point i think gearbox did it to make rng on items a living hell get rid of it

Because you might be using one character to farm for gear for another?
Because you might be in a party with players with different characters?

Given these two possibilities and a desire to keep code as simple as possible, there’s always have a chance to get gear/cosmetics for a character other than the one you’re playing. Usually, drops are weighted towards the character you’re playing, but RNG is a fickle mistress so you’ll always get runs of other things.

If players suddenly couldn’t use their stronger character to farm items for their other ones, you can bet we’d have a thread about that too!

(Also, edited your title as that was bugging me.)

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Because the loot drop system is severely flawed. I don’t even have an Amara. I clear my cache daily. I still get a ton of Amara gear. The game is fantastic in concept, but a bit too ambitious to be executed without severe flaws. I think 8 months after release, it’s safe to say.


Fwiw all the Borderlands games have consistently had the same feature. It’s easier code wise to have class mods (for example) drop for all characters and weight the chance for the host/solo player’s character than to write code that checks explicitly for what save files each person has. I honestly doubt that this is something GBX would change at this point?

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I honestly don’t even care about the occasional Amara class mod that I get. I’d rather GB devoted the time and effort into fixing the games issues that have been prevalent since day 1 before adding any more content or making any more changes. I would find great joy in being able to play online with 3 other characters without severe frame rate drop, without the bullets disappearing from exiting my gun, without 30% of my bullets registering as hits, without my audio dropping or disappearing completely, and without blue screening. Make the game playable #1. Then worry about the self inflicted errors.

Been a problem I’m suffering for the longest while. There really is no need for stuffs to drop from other VHs. The game has too much brutal rng as it is and other VHs class mods and anointeds makes it a whole lot worse.

I use all 4 VHs but I don’t want anyone or anything in the game (not directed to anyone) to tell me to use like Amara or Fl4k now when I just want to put together a better Zane build or better Moze build.

To topic creator, yeah it mainly made to make rng a lot harder it shouldn’t be. Sadly

Is it actually proven somewhere the game even “weighs” drops toward your character? Because I honestly just feel like it’s a 150% crap shoot. I’d like to see the proof of that if it exists…

I’m thankful that I can get a sweet Mod or weapon anointment for my other characters and not just stuck with drops for who I’m playing. Saves me a lot of time farming.

But I’m a glass half full type.

Edit---- Just got a Driver w/Sniper damage and Dahl crit while playing my Moze…can you say Sand Hawk Amara?


It’s how it worked in BL2 for sure, since the person who designed the system said exactly that in an ‘Inside the Box’ article on the system. I haven’t seen any statements on this from GBX, but it would be odd if they removed that feature - it certainly seems like most of the loot system itself is the same as BL2 (and TPS) although chances and weightings may be different.

I can tell you that when running through Desolation’s Edge with Moze today, roughly half the class mods were for her and the other half split roughly evenly between the other three characters. And since the Loot the Universe event is dropping class mods and launchers like crazy on that map right now, I had a pretty decent sample size!

This isn’t diablo 3 where everything that drops is exclusively for your class.

That makes it far to easy.