Loot drops in Ops?

Are they super ultra rare? Ive ran OMTBS 23 times hunting up the Scalewolf Crest and nada. Same with the other ops. Ive NEVER gotten a gear drop. Even on 100 point runs.

Is there a trick or does RNJebus hate me?

It doesn’t drop from bosses, only from loot packs.

There’s also a very rare chance to get one from Jennerit Commander/Loot packs, core loot packs, or legendary loot packs.

I must be confused then because lowlidevs site has boss drops listed for each of the operations and have been going by that…

Also, my daughter got Arias Encore as a drop from the last boss in AttikusTR. Those two things combined had me thinking that the bosses actually dropped something.

I know I got a couple of Aria’s Encores from ATR. I also know I have a Scalewolf Crest that I’m pretty sure didn’t come out of a loot pack. I just listed the other sources from Lowlidev’s site.

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So Im not losing my mind? Just bad rng?

I would say so. I don’t know what the actual drop rate for legendaries in BB is, but I get the impression that it’s not particularly generous.

Each boss have one specific Legendary designated to them which can only drop from that particular boss. All of their legendary stats are bound to Ops points.

Faction specific legendaries from Ops drops through the 100 Ops Commander Pack. The faction legendaries also only drops from their corresponding factions packs, meaning you have to play a character of the faction which is tied to the gear you’re looking for.

So in the case for Scalewolf, you’ll have to complete Oscar Mike’s Op as a Jennerit at 100 Op points and hope it drops from the loot pack.


What Lemuren said.

There are two different entries in the sources list for each operation. Like:

  • Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion
  • Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion: Sister Aria

First one lists all items introduced to the game with that operation, no matter where they drop from. Second one has one item the boss drops.

Aria’s Encore is a boss drop. Scalewolf Crest is not, it comes from loot packs.


It did use to drop Legendary gear after beating a boss, but now they don’t. I don’t understand why. I ran several operations in Oscar Mike Versus the Battle school. Everytime I beat it, I ended up getting the legendary gears that are UPR Batteries and Chestplates that boost my health and shield based on ops points. Now they don’t drop anymore. I don’t get why that’s the case after the fall update and the December Hot fixes. :frowning:

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