Loot Drops Nerfed? Also Point of Mods if you cannot use them?

Hello all,

So I have a lvl 43, or 44 FL4K, which is all fine and well, however, it seems starting out in the beginning a day after the launch, I seemed to get weapons that actually had decent stats, and by the time I am at where I am with him now, I have pretty decent weapons, an assault rifle that does 600+ damage, and a Sniper rifle that does 879 ish damage. These seem to be working for this character, and with those weapons, I have never seemed underly powered for everything.

I am now wondering if the loot drops were nerfed, as I’ve started a new character Moze, and am level 16 now, however the weapons I can only seem to find seem to be locked around lvl 13. Even the weapons/shields I’m getting from the Eridium machine are only locked at level 13.

I find this odd, because this was definitely NOT the case when I was playing as FL4K, as weapons seemed to scale to his level every 2 levels at MOST. So did the weapons/loot drops see some kind of serious nerf?

Also, what the heck is the point of dropping mods, if my characters can’t use them right away? That just seems like a silly game design. I forget at which level my FL4K was finally able to use them, maybe it was 20. But as Moze at level 16 right now, I’ve found more than my fair share of mods, which I can NOT use, and wouldn’t even plan on using them if they weren’t at least scaled to my level. So, what is the point of dropping mods, below the actual level required to even equip them? It’s not easy to dodge, or avoid picking them up, it just seems entirely pointless as I’ve stated.

PS- I don’t really keep up to date with the Gearbox forums, nor updates themselves, so it is entirely possible, I may have missed a nerf like this.

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Drops are based off the area your in, always were. Maybe on flak you skipped some side quests so you were level 10 in a level 12 area that would explain why the drops were better.

If your lvl 12 in a lvl 10 area the drops will be worse, or level 10.

It’s all relative


That is weird, because I Just finished Lecta City, and killing it’s boss for a side quest on Moze, which is a level 16 area.

The boss didn’t even drop a level 16 weapon, all I got were level 13 weapons the entirety of that area.

So if it’s all relative to the area I’m playing in, then by all means, I should be getting level 16 drops, especially from the boss, who was level 16.

It really feels as if the drops are nerfed.

EDIT: Maybe I’m just crazy and it is only lvl 13…

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the enemies do not necessarily scale 1:1 with the level of the gear

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i find your question on the mods odd… and if you mean why drop mods that give you skills you cant access, well i got something amazing to say,you can use them and they work, which i mean you can get the effect of the skill, even if you dont have it, removing the need to put a point on skills just for a com
if you mean something else, please enlighten me…

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I think OP is referring to the fact that mods can drop before the story mission that unlocks the equipment slot for them.

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oh yeah forgot about that, but its honestly just isnt a huge issue, is it?
i feel like the fact they are locked is more of an annoyance than anything


Agreed. Same applies to artifact slot.

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