Loot fails of the day (Borderlands 3)

With any great loot find there is almost always a sea of epics fails one must wade through first. Post your most heart breaking loot fails here with others so that we may mourn together.

The Cursed 49 strikes again.


Here is mine


Big oof

sometimes being off-level doesn’t change the weapon stats that much, but boy oh boy does it hurt here :frowning:


I’ll see if I have a pic but a level 49 Otto idol grants 17% health per kill, alot of 49 gear from these red chests.
Those ■■■■■■■■.

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Damn low level from chest.

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Still leveling but it could have at least been damage while sliding.

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Just a bad luck I guess (again).

Really bad damage.

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“Wow an anointed Cutsman!..oh wait…”


every part of this Dictator is sadness

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This one is a quest reward. I love the design - it’s going on my wall - but as an actual weapon in TVHM this is weak sauce. Given the name, I was actually hoping for something like the Emporer SMG from BL2:

Also, the model is glitchy as all get out in the inspector - I could not move it to the right.

Edit: the model is definitely not centred correctly - the spatulas over-hang the SMG display panel by a fair margin, while the stock is almost in the middle!

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One of the best topics for a thread!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Lilith’s chest.



Only Wodblocker? O_o

Well there was also one piece of ammo. It was auto-pickup’d so I’m not sure what it was, but probably it was better than the Woodblocker.


A beauty from a more civilized time.
Found in a chest. Can barely scratch a skag on crit. :frowning_face:
Or a LoottTink, Lootsplosion, ect…


Also got 300%/90 Skullmasher from a chest couple weeks ago.

Loot fail? That looks pretty glorious.

Both Sickle and Skullmasher were from chests, that means Mayhem 0 stats, instead of M10.

Ah, yeah I see now. I’m still getting used to seeing Mayhem weapons.