Loot fails of the day (Borderlands 3)

Really bad parts on the new one.

Most useless annont ever.
2020-07-02 17_24_35-Window

Here’s a pretty bad one that I got today:

M10, Stark ION LASER, SMG, Damage: 1372, Fire Rate: 3.15/s

This may be the worst one I’ve gotten yet lol

Just got an Resolute Lyuda Sniper with 5929 damage.

These are some of the worst of the worst

Another bad one:

M10 Venomous Ripper, Damage 1368

Damn scope :confused:

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Good annointment, bad everything else :slight_smile:

Yep. :slight_smile:

I am not quite sure where to post this, but this one is a first for me. I had no idea you could even get a “legit” double movement speed roll in the first place, because this is the first one I have seen in well over a thousand hours in BL3. But to get it on such a useless artifact? Mmmmmhhh! Chef’s kiss!

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It can double roll. Check this guide:

Passive Bonuses that can potentially spawn twice on one artifact
These passives will only display once on the item card but with double the bonus a single instance would have.

  • Cryo Damage
  • Incendiary Damage
  • Melee Damage
  • Movement Speed
  • Radiation Damage

@derwitte Man, a double roll movement speed and an AOE roll - on the right artifact of course - would be really awesome for Rakk Fl4k.

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There’s so many nice possibilities in double rolls … Melee, Hellwalker fire rolls …

I still run across a Level 65 Ripper with about 1300 damage and 9sec fire rate.

YEAH! I upgraded My lvl 64 Clairvoyance to a 65!

Or did I? :face_with_monocle: When I think I jump in the void trying to catch before it fell…

I think it was Killer6 who once asked about our worst, useless anointment. This one could have done the list I think.

Well, DPS wise they are the same. Does the old one has the same bonus crit? I wouldn’t call it a fail.

Same crit bonus and you can rarely exploit max dps in real situation. Beside I like the scope better on the 64. 3.3 instead of 1.7 on the 65. Bummer on the field of view but I use it at medium to long range. On an hybrid melee/gun phaseslam Siren.