Loot falling through floor

So I’ve dropped a couple weapons on the ground and they fell through the floor…is anyone else having this issue?

It unfortunately does happen in a few spots. I was hoping this sort of thing would stop happening with the switch to UE4 from UE3, but apparently not.

Were you in Sanctuary by any chance?

I was in sanctuary actually. I was by Marcus’ shop and dropped a couple legendary weapons for my wife to pick up. And both fell through the floor

check the lost loot box?

I did check there. And I went to the bottom level of sanctuary. They just vanished

Yours is the second report I’ve seen of that happening in the same spot. Unfortunately, there’s not much that can be done after the fact.

Yep I just made a post about this. First time it’s happens to me in 600+ hours. Not happy. Was my super rare phasezerker Mod.


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Exactly where it happened to me. I’ve put the video on my first post.

Can you please fill out a support ticket and include the link to that video?

Done, thanks.

I always have loot fall through the floor at Marcus’s, but don’t have that trouble im Moxxi’s, by the lost loot machine and in my room.

The lost loot machine only picks up items that enemies dropped. It isn’t designed to retrieve player dropped gear. Iirc a dev even said, "Once a player drops a weapon the lost loot machine is designed to see it as unwanted gear and ignore it.

Although I am fine with that for the most part, sometimes crap like this happens and we would like a way to get our gear bacj, but there unfortunately isn’t one. There is also a blue unique called “Slippery Crit” that has a chance to slip from your fingers. As such that specific weapon shiuld also have a unique map marker for you to find it easier when you drop it in battle.

Can confirm , transferring to my mules this has happened in sanctuary near spawn point . My advice is do it in your room and just go slow dropping.

Check out my YouTube i made quite awhile ago about this problem and my Easy solution to it. As for where it can happen, literally it can be Anywhere, so i hope the video will straighten things out.

Edit: i just want to point out that, i have over 30 mules, all organized btw, Assault 1 Legendary, Assault 1 Epic, etc, and using the spot i showed in my video i have Yet to have anything Actually drop Below where i put the items, they Try to though, but get Caught where i can Still reach them XD

Also already happened in my room in Sanctuary, dropped a relic and it simply vanished.

Sadly, it’s gone after that too, doesn’t even go to the Lost and Found…i think if you’re on world locations it will but don’t quote me. Just, use the spots on ship i showed and you’ll have Noooo troubles. Or at least multi tier levels On world locations that you can walk under

I believe that any item dropped from your inventory is automatically excluded from going into the Lost & Found - because you have effectively already discarded it.

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I’m on Xbox and it happened to me as well, right by Maurice. I went down below, nothing, the weapon simply vanished. Hasn’t happened since.

Never thought of that, makes sense though, thanks

It’s been a problem since bl2 so I can’t see this being a priority fix.

Mail it don’t drop it!!!

Edit-Never again will I drop something to trade or show…I lost a legendary Cutpurse Elemental Projector with drop dead rolls through the floor in my buddy’s room.