Loot Farming and the Running Definitions

So, as I’m farming for legendary weapons a question came to mind–well a few did honestly. But mostly about the many methods of farming legendary loot and how every player does it. I’ve become a bit bored trying to farm my usual route and was looking for fresh ideas to try out or even stuff I haven’t thought of.

TL;DR : What methods do you use for farming? What routes do you take? And what areas do you favor? Looking to change up my own routine.

I don’t do too much farming. When I do, it’s usually one of:

  • Quest reward farming (dashboard/escape until the reward is the right element etc.)
  • Dust Run
    • check around Ellie’s for tubbies, hit Mobeley/Gettle, Black Queen if she spawned, and Zafords/Hodunks at the station
  • LLMs with Doctor’s Orders (4 echoes) and optionally Animal Rights active
  • Invincible Pyro Pete (mostly for seraph crystals)
  • Three Horns - Savage Lee and Boll

I only farm when I need something specific, so… Choose a target/suitable loot source. Plan the fastest, most comfortable and most efficient way to reach/kill target. Kill it. See if dropped anything. If not, save and quit, repeat as many times as needed. That’s all there is to it, really.

If you specify items and targets, I can share my preferred methods and routes. The only farming I do that doesn’t have any specific desired item at the end is the Loot Train. Not a lot of variety when it comes to routes on that one. As far as methods for killing the snowman, I stay next to the elevator and use the Lady Fist+Bee+Sheriff’s Badge combo. Works for every character and he’s dead before he can reach me.

The Dust is ridiculous for farming if you’re looking for a lot of different items. You can farm for tubbies, the Gwen’s Head, the Hammerbuster, the Maggie/Slagga, the Veruc, the Lyuda and the Nukem all in the same run, and it’s a fairly quick one.

I really, really hate dashboard farming and very rarely do it. Luckily for me, I’m actually not that interested in getting perfect parts on quest rewards to actually spend a lot of time farming them. I only dashboard farmed for the right element Pimpernel or Sandhawk on each playthrough and called it a day.

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Do you farm Sawtooth Cauldron for LLM’s at all? I utilize that a lot when going after them as well as using the other quests you mentioned in WEP.

@anon13808724 I’m currently after a legendary class mods only dropped by tubbies or Vermivorous however; I am in good need of some decent shock weapons and slagged weapons. (I run a shock/DPS based Mechromancer.)

My only DLC I have right now is Captain Scarlett’s. I’m about to purchase one or two more but am undecided on which ones.

My preferred spot for farming tubbies (and a lot of other people’s) is behind Ellie’s Garage. Fast travel to the Dust and make a beeline to the Black Queen spawn point, spawning and checking every spiderant on the way. No need to kill any of them if you don’t want to and if you are good with your evasive tactics. If a tubby shows up, stop and kill it. If it doesn’t, save and quit and do it again. Very simple and pretty quick. I usually get at least one tubby for every 10 or 15 runs, give or take.

Some people like Frostburn Canyon for tubbies too. Fast Travel there and head towards Scorch’s area, checking every spiderant on the way. It’s a good spot for tubbies. I still prefer the Dust and had more luck there, though.

Not intentionally, but I might do that on characters/modes where I no longer have Doctor’s Orders available (stuff happens sometimes!). It’s generally a pretty good mobbing area anyway, with the advantage of LOTS of closely packed loot lockers and boxes, so it’s a good spot for LLMs.

My route:


  • Caustic Caverns and Dust
  • Completed: Getting safe for Marcus, Minecart Mischief, Dahl Deep Core Treasure, and The Good, The Bad, The Mordecai

Start in Caustic Caverns, exit the door and Aggro varkids, get them fighting the Crysalisk until varkids no longer spawn or evolve and containers are opened.

Continue to little waste tunnel, aggro more varkids to fight crysalisk outside waste tunnel.

Go kill Blue.

Go kill creepers in Minecraft easter egg.

Travel back along tracks. 1/2 way down the varkid infested tunnel there is a door, go in there. Varkids can’t get you. Keep aggroing until they no longer spawn and evolve.

Continue down tunnel until you enter processing area. Aggro varkids and jump into the pit. You can duck under the platform with the truck on it. They can’t get you here. Evolve and kill varkids. Then climb out of pit and aggro more in. Repeat until no more varkids spawn. Climb out of pit and open red chest.

Jump back into pit and exit door. Follow hall until you enter spiderant area. Mop up spiderants, and open red chest in spiderant tunnel.

Ascend lift to top of tower. Killing spiderants and aggroing falling varkids until all gone. Open red chest.

Drop off ledge closest to CC entrance. Repeat first step with varkids and crysalisks by entrance.

Fast travel to The Dust. Check for Gwen’s head just inside garage.

Go through area behind garage, finishing at Church.

This usually nets me a good handful of legendaries.

It is VERY useful to have a gunzerker mule with a Hoarder Class Mod parked somewhere.

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@kgk4569 When you aggro the varkids at the start of Caustic Caverns (or any other spots like it) do you stay and watch them evolve and kill them or do you progress onward through the level and then return after?

I wait and time them. Wiki tells you when they should evolve.

I remember reading about that, yes, but I’ve also seen some evolve past the timer expiration…maybe a fluke or paused timer?

And also, I like how your route flows. I’m a big fan of farming the Dust as well. (only seen 2 tubbies there ever so far) I find it’s a good warm up, legendary Farm route, and a small xp boost if you’re farming that.

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If the varkids lose aggro they will pause. I have had a few get bounced back over the invisible line that denotes sectors and just wander aimlessly.

I use an under leveled infinity to keep aggro without wasting bullets. Makes a great “cattle prod”.


MIne are pretty much the usual… the Dust for tubbies, though sometimes I’ll take a trip through the Arid Nexus areas in search of tubby skags and also to take down Saturn to see if he drops his stuff.

If I need a Bee shield I leave the Tree Hugger quest open and go through the Forest and exit to Immortal Woods, and come back. Kill the bloodfruit treeants and save/quit and it’s a short trip through the now-almost-vacant orc camp (thanks to the open mission) since you’ll be starting at the Immortal Woods exit. I never knew about this technique until a little while ago, heh. Always something new to learn! I used to just farm Hunter for Bees (and checking the skags at the start of the map for the occasional tubby) and sometimes taking the “long” treeant farming run through the Forest, but this is quicker and you get a couple easy chances per run.

I used to be a dumbass and always forgot about the two red chests above Pete, back when I farmed Pete a lot for crystals. Don’t forget those chests! :wink: Same if you’re farming BNK-3R… there’s that red chest in that closet that opens up under the waterfall after you kill him. Might as well take a peek! Hell sometimes that chest is less stingy than BNK-3R. :wink:

Whenever I happen to be in Eridium Blight I always check for King Mong.

I only own one DLC (Captain Scarlett), but I’ll have to keep that in mind once I purchase more.

My current exploit is the Sawtooth Cauldron run to farm LLM’s. So far it’s proving fruitful in the number of chances I get at a legendary however; I have yet to land one though. I have gotten a good 15 or so relics from them on the other hand. I think it’s the quickest method for mass encounters/drop chances I’ve tried thus far.

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BNK3R used to be a good one for legos and pearls (got at least 3 Butchers from him). And Sham and Bitch are good stuff. Maya or Zer0 can one-shot him, and corrosive Beehawk drops him fast besides.

Midgets? Maya, Fleet +1/5 and blue Breakneck Banshee, Roughrider, fire Kitten. Thousand Cuts with Rocko’s Modern Strife active. Since OP doesn’t have Hammerlock DLC, just run whatever COM/shield.

In WEP, don’t forget to check for Pimon and Tumbaa, and tubby/chubby stuff. They do Transformer and Deliverance, IIRC.

Pete’s the easiest lego farm by far, though. Shock Beehawk. Done son!

Dust runs for tubby/chubby, don’t forget your Bee. Still works with vehicle guns, and crushes most spiderants in seconds. I do that part first, then come up the cliff behind the Gettle/Mobley church, then work back to Ellie’s from there.

In Frostburn, remember Spyco for Neogenator, and check all the red chests (I’ve gotten most of my legendary gear from red chests).

Really, no, my lego farming is boring.