Loot farming - designated boss drops?

Has anyone seen any word on if we’ll have bosses with designated loot drops in BL3?

Videos and such make it seem like world drops will be a bit more plentiful than they were in 2, which is fantastic, but I like the idea of being able to have a focused farm if I know what gear I’m going for.



It appears there are boss specific drops in the gameplay vids seen so far. However the question remains if it must come from that boss or if that boss just has a boosted drop chance for it.

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Thanks for the reply. Guess we will find out definitely soon enough…

i think you’ll find that will be the case. why they would change the format, and one which we all really like.

They know it caused problems in TPS when bosses were once only kills and some were grinder only or world drops. That was rectified to a certain point, but still bosses had drops. guarantee within 24hrs of the game being released you’ll ‘likely’ know all of them…

Just a word of warning: it might be better to be a bit skeptical of the droprates seen in promotional videos. Not uncommon for companies to jack up RNGesus for these short presentations and showfloors.

As for the question, I’m kinda hoping both types of farming will be viable. The proving grounds and circles of slaughter look like pretty good ways to hunt random legendaries, but I don’t see why they’d remove specific drops from bosses. Especially considering that they said they have a crapload of bosses now.


This is DEFINITELY the case. During the first stream of FL4K starting at the very beginning of the game the two guys playing had purples and 2 oranges within 1.5 hours of play. We for sure will not see that in the launch version.

I agree - in fact, given that now you can also buy decent guns for eridium from Earl’s shop, I wonder if it might be tempting to make drop rates somewhat worse. After all - what do you have to complain about: use your eridium and/or golden keys, fearless VH!

We’ll see soon. Plus, I’m sure these will be optimized as feedback comes in.

Don’t hold your breath for that either. In the past, this kind of stuff has only ever been changed when it was atrociously, controversy-inducingly bad (Anthem, Battlefront 2). Minuscule optimizing is hardly ever done.
And in a way I understand. There’ll always be people saying droprates should be better. Nobody ever asks for worse droprates. Player “feedback” on this topic isn’t much to go on.

I disagree. I think minor optimizations are done quite frequently through hotfixes for many titles. They just aren’t widely talked about and most people don’t dig down deep into hotfix details. Whether or not Gearbox made those types of minor changes to BL2…I don’t know. But many other games do do it.

Check this video at around 5:50

Talks about handcrafted legendaries, “boss drops”, and “some generals in there”.

Great stuff in there, thanks for sharing.

This right here is the answer to it all. Bosses with at least two loot tables to pull from are the best (a Primary Loot Table that has one or two items that the specific boss has a higher chance than any other source of dropping and a Secondary with a mix of drops that are global and a few here and there from other bosses). The trick is making sure that even with these tables, the secondary table doesn’t just have access to everything that drops - it should still be restricted, but keeps 99% of items only having one source.

Let’s be honest. This game is designed to maximize fun, and there’s no game value lost in offering players a couple of ways (NPCs to kill in this game lol) to get the same item. (I wouldn’t even mind if the primary drop targets were the only ones that had a chance at the top 10% of stats in each category - though that could get abusive really quick by devs who don’t understand balance outside of pen and paper and I’ve yet to see any that don’t fall into this issue lol)

Even here you can tell he’s nervous trying to describe it. The answer should have just been “Yes, boss specific drops.” but he spent most of that time justifying why they still think this is the most ideal method even though it’s a system that’s been around for more than 20 years lol

I’ve also learned anyone who says “If it ain’t broke…” doesn’t usually know much about whatever they’re talking about so forgive me if I skip over those types of arguments lol I’m really not trying to be a butt head in that regard I just hate duality arguments