Loot Frenzy - What to target?

Cutsman was the first thing that popped into my mind when this event was announced. I forget the rare spawn’s name but he will be one of my targets to try for, Meridian Outskirts I believe. What are some other targets to go after?

I’m going for a Bear Nagata, Phaseslam black hole, on throw Quasar, Bear FireStorm. I’m hopeful

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Hopefully upgrade my coms, grab some for the other 2 characters for when they reach max level, couple recursions, kybs, shields (transformer, redsuit, etc) various artifacts, n whatever else i can find? Gotta upgrade my mules bank first though

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I’m gonna hit up demoskaggon, ward, Aurelia and Genoviv for a few shields that I want but this seems like a good time to get some of the m4 class mods too.
Getting all the legendary class mods and farming shields really helped me alot after last event.

Oh wow - totally missed this. Which of these enemies are really rare? I’ll probably pay Rakkman a few visits - I don’t have a Night Flyer, but have only fought Rakkman like twice ever.

Bear Epicenter/Firestorm 20% Bear drop! So juicy put it in Ron Bears pocket!

If class mods are boosted I’m going for my Raging B. +3 Stoke/+2 Deadlines w Incendiary & Cooldown.

I will try to get all the exclusive m4 class mods for the different characters since they are hard as heck to get and I only got one spiritual driver after more than 200 kills. Also another shrieking devil this weapon is super hard to drop as well, maybe another it’s piss grenade

Im hoping for a headsplosion with splash damage. Hubba Hubba!

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Already have the Epi :slight_smile:

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I was farming for the Electric Banjo for a few hours yesterday (to no avail) without any knowledge of this event, so I guess I’m going to be giving farming for it another shot over the next couple of weeks. :joy:

I’m also looking for specific COMs and anointments on certain items like the Cutsman, Westergun, Maggie, Transformer, Stop-Gap, etc… Needless to say, I’m going to try and make the most of this event.

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Here is a list of rare spawns I found. Not sure how accurate as I thought. Borman had the Cutsman.

Rakkman - Night Lyer, Legendary Pistol

El Dragon Jr - Unleash the Dragon, Legendary Artifact

Road Dog - Redline, Legendary Shotgun

IndoTyrant - Random Customization

Force Troopers - Random Legendary class mods

Demoskaggon - Random Legendary Shield

The Unstoppable - Band of Sytorak, Legendary Shield

Thunk & Sloth - It’s Piss, Legendary Grenade Mod

Maxitrillion - The Horizon, Legendary Shotgun

Borman Nates - Psycho Stabber, Legendary Pistol

Princess Tarantella I - Hive, Legendary Rocket Launcher

Mother of Dragons - Random Legendary Artifacts

Red Jabber - Random Legendary Grenade Mod

Urist McEnforcer - Masterwork Crossbow, Legendary Sniper Rifle

I’ll be farming sloth & thunk, Borman Nates, sky bullies, and Wotan mostly.

When farming, do you have a higher chance of getting anointments for the VH who did the kill? I still don’t know this for sure

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It’s always seemed that way to me

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This list might be from before the dedicated drops update


Here’s the list of dedicated drops for legendaries and uniques that I use. It tells you where you can find all of the rare spawns and what they drop, etc.


I guess I’ll keep farming the Tink of Cunning and hope those Deadeye drops turn into Rakk Pak drops…

Zheitsev’s Eruption is a Titan drop and I’m not a fan of resetting CoS rounds to farm, but if the rate is high enough I might give it a go, since I don’t care about anointments for this gun.

Probably have a go at Thunk and Sloth for It’s Piss and get the full debuff set

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If anyone who reads this is hesitating about spending time (like me) on this event at least farm for:
× class mods,
× artifacts,
× debuff items (like previously mentioned It’s Piss),
because they have, in my opinion, most value in long term, and should hold up when level cap gets raised.

Any additions?

These… are the hits that keep showing up in Sanctuary on that wanted wall (across from the Golden Chest). I see much of this list in there like constantly (and I still have no idea what puts the hits up there).

With that in mind, hits that I rarely see up there include:
Mother of Dragons (have not seen here on this board yet: see her in person in the Anvil more)
Demoskaggon (have only seen once)
Urist McEnforcer (only seen once)
Red Jabber (only seen maybe three times)
Rakkman (only seen once)

The rest are on there so often, I thought they were on a timer. Like daily (sometimes they pop back up within an hour of taking them out).

If you get the hit and accept it and complete it, now the people on you’re friends list get the hit. Once someone accepts and completes it, it’ll show up back on your board. Some of them don’t drop highly sought after gear so they aren’t killed often since you have to seek these out for the most part.