Loot Frenzy - What to target?

Thanks for the link, I had lost track of it.

So here are my updated targets.

Sylerstro - M4 - Spiritual Driver *
- Pestilence *
- Laser Sploder *

Tink of Cunning – M4 R4kk Pak *
– Dragon
– Mindsweeper

Billy the Annointed – M4 Raging Bear *
– Lead Sprinkler
– WarLord
– Gatling Gun

Borman Nates – Cutsman *
– Psycho Stabber
– Saw Bar

The Unstoppable – Big Boom Blaster *
– Band of Sitorak

Tyreen – King’s Call *
– Queen’s Call *
– Bitch
– Otto Idol *

The ones with the asterix are the items I am targeting. Given that I have never done M4 I am probably over my head for some of them.

No problemo.

If you have issues finding pestilence, i constantly found it from heckle/hyde while trying for an alchemist
( this was my original run; 7 Out of 10 tries; went back n now i hardly see any loot :frowning: )


Have been trying to get a recurring hex but damn it it’s time consuming. Got to deal with a bunch of badasses, hardened badasses and anoited each run to the sky bullies.

skip right passed; climb the stairs and fight whats left? That’s how i ran it; they drop a nice shield too (If your into melee

Like run right to their area? I think I saw them drop the shield on the 3rd run.

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Yes run right passed everything to their spawn. One will spawn right away. Kill him then do a lap around the room and the 2nd one will spawn. Kill him then save & quit. No need to kill anything but the sky bullies.

I have been running M4 for the first time and holding my own which is good. Spent about two hours going after Borman and got two Cutsman for my efforts. I would hate to see the regular drop rates for him. At least he was always there. The first cutsman was garbage the second one was ok, had a in the air annoint, which is useless. I also got some other items while going after him.

Then I targeted Private Beans. Compared to Borman this is a cake run. One or two good drops each run. I have some good annoints now for Fl4k and Amara. I would really like to get a Splash one for Moze. I will try again later.

Next I think I will go after Sylestro. See how I do on that run at M4.

good thing about Rakkman is that if he’s not there there won’t be a Rakk signal, and if he is the Rakk signal will be shining up in the sky.

most other rare spawns don’t have such a clear indicator of whether looking for them is a waste of time or not.

I’ve totally not yet seen the Rakk signal - he’s there often enough. I need to look up.

I have gotten many of the items on the list. The best being a Spiritual Driver from Sylvestro. I need to figure out how to link my PS4 screen shots. Of course I don’t have a level 50 Amara yet. I have her about level 20 or so. I got Amara some Shrieking Devil and a Red Suit all lined up for when she reaches level 50.

I tried running Trial of Cunning on M4 and that was a fail. I can run M4 in most places, not all.

edit: Figured it out.

edit 2: Just noticed that a Pestilence dropped at the same time. Nice drop. :smile:

wow it’s a good one

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Shotgun damage would have been better but the skill set up is really good. :smile: