Loot from Broken Hearts Event is no longer claimable

So I completed the event on my Amara and moved onto Zane without collecting the loot. Now that the event is over, I can no longer claim my loot for Amara? The event doesn’t show up on the Events page either.

I thought it was going through the 20th this is the first day ive been able to play it, i haven’t had internet for a while and took my playstation to my parents to try and get the hearts and was happily shooting hearts down and had to quit for a minute after getting about 30 hearts and i just went to get back on and note the event is randomly over? I also can’t get the couple things i would have unlocked which is really stupid. How come the Halloween event that was mandatory lasted so freaking long and this optional awesome event is over so soon?

I don’t claim some rewards for the broken hearts event. I had completed the challenges but didn’t claim the rewards. Now that the event is over, I can’t claim rewards. Why? Why take away that option? How about a courtesy at least? And why replace it with the BLOODY HARVEST REWARDS SCREEN?? Why can’t I claim rewards for the event that ended less than a day ago but I can for last year’s Halloween event? This is so careless and dumb, please take 5 minutes and change this because it seems just so irritating and pointless for it to be changed in this way.

This issue has been raised with the Community Manager for consideration by staff at GBX in case there is a way of retroactively awarding earned items.

If I may ask, though, why didn’t you claim the rewards when you unlocked them?

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Well, I for one had just finished getting enough hearts to unlock the sniper, but had to go out of town for work. Not realizing I wouldn’t have access to unlock the reward, I just waited till I got back home to do so. We all know the result of that.

In my case it, I had intended to play the next day (2/18), but instead spent two days troubleshooting a game freezing issue.

Sorry to hear that. As I said, I’ve asked the Community Manager to look into whether there’s anything they can do for folks who’d unlocked items but not redeemed them by the end date.

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I never even figured out how to claim the rewards. I thought theyd be sent to your mailbox.

They were claimed through the event challenge progress page.

I was waiting till I got to sanctuary to redeem so I could bank the wedding invitation but I forgot. Please tell me there’s a way to redeem that still. <3

We’ll have to see what GBX decides to do - the earliest I’d expect to hear anything about this would be Thursday alongside the PAX East panel for the new DLC.

I played and claimed all the rewards on 3 characters. I dressed them all in the new outfit skins and used the ECHO skin on them. After the event I changed the skins on 2 of them and then noticed neither the outfits or the ECHO skins were showing in my lists of skins in the machine. So now I have one character dressed in Heartbreaker skins and using the ECHO skin, but if I change skins I his will disappear too, as there is no listing for them either.

Could you please fill out a support ticket for this issue? Appreciated!

Hello fellow borderlanders, I too am here because I was unaware that broken hearts guns had to be redeemed via the events page. I completed all of the challenges, logged off and then frantically searched for the guns the next day, but the event was over and my search was to no avail. Please gearbox, consider at least dropping the wedding invitation for all the bois and gals who put in the work but foolishly didn’t know about the events page. It’s the best gun in the game and a real riot to use, especially if the build is suited for it. That being said, in the future, just send guns to players mail, it really doesn’t make sense to have people redeem their guns if they’ve already competed the challenges required. I mean, why would anyone assume that they need to go to a temporary events page to attain the guns they were awarded? It should just automatically be transferred into your mailbox or loot safe. Makes the most sense and issues like this can be completely avoided.

Similar sentiments. My buddy is overseas right now so my girl and i busted this event out and i just figured we could claim them later like the halloween event. Sent a ticket and they said saorry you didnt complete the event in time. Well i did. On two different accounts. Long story short anyone have a wedding invitation theyd be willing to share? Dont even care if its annointed honestly. I did claim the weapon on my playstation account but dont think i can send it to my xbox. Any help or insight appreciated