Loot Games - What's Out There?

So, hooked on LOOT! I am.

I used to be an FPS oriented player, and always loved the old style games like Settlers and Age of Empires. But in recent years Loot games have stolen my life away, literally :smile:

Now apart from spending a bazillion hours in Borderlands and Diablo, I’ve recently got quite hooked on Dungeon Defenders 2. Fairly simple game, but i’m liking it. The fact it’s free-to-play on PC is a good reason to try.

Is there any other awesome loot based games out there I’m missing out on?

Well you got the 2 main ones, Borderlands and Diablo

Not sure if you would class Skyrim, being as the best weapons are crafted, but you still need to find the right weapons to get the Enchantments off.

And of course, there is World of Warcraft, but that might be going to far.

Early game there’s more good stuff found than crafted, unless you really grind your skill levels. In a similar vein are the other Elder Scrolls games (seems to be less crafting in Oblivion, only because you are limited by having to harvest sigil stones), and the Dragon Age series.

For more wasteland-less fantasy, there’s the Fallout series. Limited crafting in Fallout 3, but lots of loot including some nice drops from random encounters. Fallout New Vegas added the Gun Runners arsenal, as well as the ability to add upgrades to weapons.

Ye I’ve played Elder Scrolls, but games like that are more long term in depth mmo rpg games, and although I liked it, I wouldn’t class it a typical loot game.

And @VaultHunter101 I’ve just played through Fallout 4. Would have listed it, but I thought it’s not in the same ilk as Borderlands purely based on personal view of it. But I see why you mention it.

Anyone mentions Destiny…and…

I was gonna mention Destiny! Is that bad @DaRTH_FuRioN?

@DaRTH_FuRioN How about Path of Exile

Haven’t played FO4 yet, but I’ve played FO3 and NV. Loot’s not the main thing in any of those games really, but there are interesting uniques all the way through, as well as the items you can get plans for then build.

I’m kinda late with this Fallout hype. Playing F3 for the first time now :smiley: It’s more RPG, less FPS.
Not bad, but Borderlands is just better. And Destiny isn’t on PC :frowning:

Hey Joe! How are you? Sorry we never actually got to play in the end. Truth be told, I’m the same as many of the people that turned against Bungie (just read the destiny reddit), but shan’t go into a rant, try and keep this thread 12 rated :smile: lol

@Tanfex - Hey thanks for pointing this out! I’ve been away from PC gaming for a while, so I missed this. Looks great, and it’s FtP too so will down it tomorrow and check it out.

@VaultHunter101 - You know I had a stash with a hugh amount of Legendary weapons and armour, but I never saw any plans. I remember the likes of them in Rage, so unless i’m missing something, didn’t see them.

@ThatJohnS - I’d say wait, there are so many bugs, and the performance is REALLY bad. Needs a massive optimisation overhall, as without a pretty high end system it’s not good. I couldn’t complete many missions due to bugs. It’s a good game, and I really enjoyed it, but now I’ve played it i’ll hold off a while before doing it again. I’m new to Fallout, but my mate says it has been really dumbed down, and lost it’s original flavour. The reddit has plenty of funny stuff going, and i’d say it’s one of the funnest games I’ve played for ages too. The crafting element is really good, adds a good side to the game if you want it.

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Those two series are as good as it gets in my book.

If you can hold out (maybe Dungeon Defenders 2 will do the trick) there is a new Diablo 3 patch hitting next month with new items and areas.

We should still try and hook up for some BL2 or something soon!

In FO3 there are blue prints you can get for all sorts of odd weapons - bottlecap mine, a weird steam-powered gun thing, a Deathclaw gauntlet, etc.

I don’t remember if there was anything like that in NV - you could use more different weapons to repair things, there were the upgrade accessories, and of course the cooking recipes for meds, potions, etc.

You can probably find the details on the FO wiki if you want to know more.